In researching the family of Coussins/Cussin/ Coussins we have re connected with Brian who is the son of Jerry Coussin, brother to my grandfather Louis and grandson to Abraham Cussin. Brian, who lives n Israel has been extremely helpful in a number of ways.,
Finding photographs of his grandparents and family and finding information on Danny Coussin who was the only son of Tommy and Esther who also lived in Israel. Danny died in the 1948 war in Israel. Hi obituary is here as well as the translation from Brian.

Brian links to his sister Laura and his niece Wendy

This is the Brian Coussin family page.

 Esther & I are both well and retired now for almost 7 years.We are now both 70  (2009)  We live in a fairly new commuter township called Matan which is right on the border (on the Israeli side) with the west bank. The nearest main towns are Kfar Sabah and Rosh Haayin and we are about 40 minutes by car from the center of Tel Aviv. We moved here 12 years ago and love it. Esther is a professional photographer and worked for the Weizmann Institute, the Ministry of Education, and the Wizo School of Arts. Later she opened a small greeting card business supplying to gift shops and flower shops. Esther continues with her photographic interests try: www.picasaweb.google.com/estherphotos  or www.flickr.com/photos/bedog                             

Brian's Dad, Jerry,
Judah Coussin, brother to Louis and Thomas

Brian graduation with a PhD with proud parents Rina and Jerry.

I studied Food Science at The University of Strathclyde, worked for the Ministry of Agriculture at Rehovot, went back to Glasgow in 1965 with Esther and our first child and got a PhD in Food Science at the same University and then returned to Israel and joined the new Food Control & Inspection Service of the Ministry of Health (like the FDA without the D). I slowly worked my way up and became the Head of this service until my retirement. I play a lot of golf, potter around the garden and keep up-to-date with my

'Brian's Family': from Left to right Brian's eldest sister Shirley, Brian's Dad, Brian's Mum, and Shirley's husband Gerald.

Brian's Family': from left to right Brian's youngest sister Laura,
Brian himself and Shirley, Brian's eldest sister.

Brian's Children Orna, Gidon & Danny

Danny (44), is a history teacher and assistant 'Head' at a school in Holon .
 He is doing his PhD at the University of Jerusalem and a second MA in
 Educational Management. He is divorced from his wife (but keeps up contact)
 and has two children, Maor (13) and Lior (11).

Orna (41), our daughter, born in Scotland , is a journalist (now freelance) &
 writer. She writes for the HaAretz newspaper, for a women's magazine, edits
 and translates books for a publishing company and has published three books
 of her own. She, together with a few other writers, was recently awarded the
 Prime Minister's Office Prize for literature for 2008-2009. She lives with her
 female partner, Michal, in Tel Aviv. They have just moved into a new flat in Tel
 Aviv and Michal is expecting a baby very soon.

Gidon (39 this year) is the baby. He lives with his wife, Halit, and their two
 children Adam & Micha in Shorthills , New Jersey . He used to work for
 the Israeli computer company Comverse in NY but about two years ago he
 and some friends from Comverse opened up a start-up c.c. called 'Boxee'
 (you can Google it).

His wife is the legal advisor for a NY financial company.


Aunt Esther, wife to Tommy, Louis and Jerry's Brother.

(Esther was a Zionist and her family had  settled in Palestine around 1905.
Her favourite singers were Nelson Eddy and Jeanette Macdonald and when I
 visited them in Israel we happily dang duets from some of their musical films. Craig)

Brian's Uncle Thomas. Tommy was the paymaster to the British armed Forces in Palestine with Allenby and then when the army left he settled in Israel and became a senior Police Officer in the new Israeli government. He and his wife Esther had one some, Danny, who was killed in 1948 while defending Israel. He was a war hero.

Click for a larger image of the original obituary which is in Hebrew.

Coussin, Daniel-Reuben (Danny)

The son of Tuvia (Thomas) and Esther, born 24.7.1926
in Jerusalem. Finished high school at a young age and
joined the Palmach. From the Palmach he was enlisted
 into the British army and from whence he joined the Jewish Brigade when it was established. Daniel Reuben took part in the war against the Nazis and saving refugees from the camps.

On the completion of his military service he returned to Palestine, completed his high school education and passed his exams. Danny then joined the Poria commune in the Lower Galilee where he became the security officer and commander. At the beginning of the War of Independence, after the UN partition declaration on 29.11.47, he was driving Lorries in dangerous areas and was arrested by the British for possessing a weapon.

The day after the declaration of the State of Israel, on 15.5.1948, the Arab Legion and the Syrians invaded Israel. Danny was temporarily enlisted to defend the Jordan Valley. He took command of the section on the Tzemach front. Danny and his platoon fought bravely against superior forces and managed to survive. Minutes before he was killed he promised an injured colleague that he would see them all safely back to their camp. Daniel-Reuben was killed on 16.5.1948 by a bullet that struck him in the face, but the members of his platoon survived. He was laid to rest at the cemetery in Poria.

On 9.12.1965, by the request of his family, his remains were transferred to the military cemetery 0n Mount Herzl, Jerusalem.

Note from Craig: Brian sent me this. Their only son Danny was the father of Fransji who now lives in her native Holland. More on this fascinating addendum to Danny's story later


Brian's Grandma Amelia. (Milly Moscovitch Murnik Cussin) Now see the link to the Gindel Webpage for more on Murnick: Here


an "obituary" of my father, Jerry, written by my daughter, Orna. The original was written by her in Hebrew for the national newspaper 'HaAretz' and translated for their English edition by the newspaper translators. The photograph is of the local Glasgow Jewish football team Glasgow Maccabi (when we played on a Sunday)/Glasgow Wingate (when we played on a Saturday. Jerry was part of the management and he also played for the team himself when he was much younger. My father is on the right and I am the goalkeeper.



Brian links to his sister Laura and his niece Wendy