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We can trace our line backwards to descendants of Hirsh HaCohen born about 1641 in Lithuania. Its a little vague and only access to other family trees will allow us to fill in the spaces. .

However, going backwards  from Louis Coussins we have definite proof of lineage from 1753.
His father, Abraham was brother to Hyman and so that line also joins. We have not extended Hyman's line  as this will be filled in by Philip Cussin Morrison , Hyman's grandson who has started compiling that line to date.

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Professional Genealogist Len Yodaiken who lives in Israel has  spent many
months working thorough the relevant papers to arrive  at this chart.

Abraham Cussin Naturalisation Documents
Arrived in the UK in 1888.

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And here are the papers from Hyman Cussin, his brother. Click for bigger images

The Morrison's are Hymen's descendants and here is their pages

And this is what we think is the family in Zagare
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