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It started with three brothers called Rakusin from Zagare (pr. Zhagaray) in the northern border ofLithuania with Latvia but at that time part of the Russian Empire. Only a short distance away fromthe port , Jugenstile town of Riga.  All three emigrated to the UK. Two, Abraham and Hyman settled in Glasgow and Morris in Leeds

The family of Hyman and Annie Cussin


Philip Morrison. Denise Morrison, Jani Morrison and Stanley Morrison-Glasgow September 2010

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We had the pleasure of meeting brother Stanley and his lovely wife Jani. They were on their way to their see their new grandchild in Glastonbury



Philip and Denise Morrison June 2008 Glasgow.
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Ron is Myrnas cousin. Myrnas' mother "Rose" and Rons mother "Kate" were sisters. Rose and Kate are Hymans daughters neither Myrna or Ron are married, although Myrnahas been and has two sons both who are then Hymans great grandchildren. Myrna used to be close friends with Louis and Beck Coussins in Brighton and was also friends with Harry and Pam Coussins around the corner in Southwick, on the Brighton coast of England. Denise, Ricky and Marlyn 1956 Brighton


Philip Morrison
Philip was a close grandson and almost
a son to his grandfather and when Hyman
died  in Glasgow, Philip  signed his death
There will be stories from Philip about
this side of the family shortly.
We are grateful to Philip for supplying
photographs of Hyman and other
members of his family and this page
will help us understand this branch of
our family better

Anna Goldberg Cussin Circa 1940

Hyman aged 20 Hyman was brother
to Abraham and Morris

Married Annie (Anna) Goldberg
5th June 1900 Oxford Street Synagogue,

Anna Goldberg age 18



Hyman and Annie celebrated their 70th wedding
Anniversary in Glasgow where they had lived
since arriving in Scotland

and new family members continue the generations















Jani Morrison, wife of Stanley, brother of Feival with her fifth grandchild. The Baby’s name is Oren Fionn Mehhan and is the child of Micheal and Gali who live in Glastonbury UK  Mazeltov to the whole family from all of us


The man to the right of my father is Hyman's son Willie and the woman to the left of my mother is my fathers sister Lena the little girl to with her hand on Willies knee is Rose Cussins daughter Myrna the little girl with her hands which seem to be inside what they called in those days a "muff" is Jack (Jacob) Cussin's daughter
Clarice now married to Sir Abraham Goldberg.

Hyman Cussins Naturalisation Papers

Hyman and Anna's 70th Wedding Anniversary

New pictures for the family Album


                                                                                                                                               We are not yet sure who is standing beside Hyman but we researching





Philip going through some of the family Photographs. 

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Hyman Cussin's Children 1914

Hyman was Abrahans brother. Hyman is Philips grandftaher and Abraham is Craigs great Grandfather

Stan and Jani Morrison, Philips Brother and Sister in Law 2008

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Hyman's Father and Mother in Lithuania

Hyman Cussin
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Hyman in 1900 Hyman Morris Cussin Born June 1879 Zagare
Abraham Cussin/
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Hyman and his older brother Abraham in 1915
Morris Cussin
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Morris and Betsy Cussin

During early 2009 we have contacted
the family of Morris in Leeds and they will also have their own page



The family  of Hyman and Annie Cussin and their children's families

Leah 14/01/01 Jack Jacob 5/11/02 Kate Katie 25/8/05 Samuel 23/10/06 Rose 18/04/09 Amy 18/04/09 William  7/01/11

Stanley/1950 Stan and  Philip  with Leah  and Granpa Hymie

Jack Circ 1924Click on Blue framed pix for a larger picture
Click on Blue framed pix for a larger picture Married Anne Simons
whose family had changed
their name from Eskovits .Eskovitch

Children: Cecil, (Deceased) who became
a Doctor. Married Vivienne Yonace.
He changed his name to Tobias after
his mother, Anne,  remarried.




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Married Soli (Solomon) Harris


They had no children








































































































































Jack married Flora Simons


Jack and Family
They had two daughters,
Clarice and Phyllis.

Hyman with Clarice and Phyllis

Flora was sister to Anne
who married Samuel.

Clarice married Professor Sir Abraham Goldberg

Left to Right
Jennifer, Richard, Prof. Sir Abraham Goldberg, David and Clarice

Phyllis married Eddie Shinwell (Deceased)























































































































Married Ellis Mark

Children; Norma and Ronald.

Norma married Murray Spector of USA

Norma with her daughter Carrie at her wedding


Ronald with his grandmother

Ronald is not married. This picture circa 2004. Ronald is 58
















































































































































































































































































































Married Rose Cohen

Children: David


William remarried to Lily Gordon

Children: Denise (Deceased)

Married Philip Cohen

Children: Irene and Myrna.

Irene died in Cot death

Myrna married Leon Balen



















































































































































Married Max Zoltie Morrison

Children Philip and Stanley


Philip and Stanley 1949


Philip and Stanley 1951

Philip Married to Denise

Daniel Michael Morrison

And from a first marriage to Elaine

Darren Morris           Mark Morrison


Stanley Morrison.
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Stanley sent this short Bio

Same heritage as Philip- both of us were the closest grandchildren to Hyman and Anne since  our mother,
Amy, shared a home with them for the first few years of our lives due to our dad serving in the Army during the 2nd world war.


Both of us continued to go there after school where Grandma would make us dinner (at 4:30PM) usually consisting of a swimming pool size bowl of chicken noodle soup with matzo balls, !/2 a roast hen and roast potatoes, all cooked wonderfully in schmaltz. She would sit 6 inches away from us imploring us to "essen, essen"!   And you wonder why both Philip and I had heart attacks later in life!!!  :)


1955 Stans Barmitzvah


At 17 I went to Australia, and married my first wife Vicki. 
We had a daughter Jacqueline. I retained custody of Jackie and after marrying my current wife, Jani, all 3 of us immigrated
 to Israel at the tail end of the Yom Kippur war and took up
residence on kibbutz Mishmar Haemek 


Lt Morrison







Drafted into the army in 1978 I was initially in a self propelled
artillery unit and later to Shabak with the rank of Lieutenant.
As "export manager" for the Kibbutz industry travelled extensively
throughout the world for several years. We now live in Vancouver, Canada.

Jani was personally converted to Judaism by the chief rabbi
of Israel at the time, Rabbi Shlomo Goren, and has maintained
a strong Jewish identity ever since.  Her Hebrew name is
Esther bat Avraham. Mine is Yeshea ben Mordechai (feel free to call me Jesus)!
Jani and I share 3 children - Cigalle, Allon and Gali.  Since Jani has been the only mother Jackie knows we do not differentiate now and therefore we share all 4.


Micheal, Gali, Jani and Stan

Jackie is married to Pat Visentin and they have 3 daughters, Sabine (7), Maxine, (5) and Nina (3 months). They live in Montreal.  (Incidentally, Jackie served in the IDF before coming to Canada and was in the military police).

Pat and Jackie with Maxine, Sabine and Nina

Cigalle is married to Craig Ettinger and they have 1 son, David (3). They live nearby in Richmond, B.C.
Gali is married to Micheal Meehan (the spelling of Micheal is how they write it - he's Irish -what do they know??!! :)  ) They live in Glastonbury, England.
Allon is engaged to Christie Mitchinson. Nuptials are scheduled for next May, 2010. They live in Vancouver.


Stan, Jani, Cigalle, Craig, Allon, Christie and David

Jani is the BC Provincial Office administrator for a multi-office engineering company.
I am a web site developer and teach Okinawan karate and Krav Maga as a hobby.

  Stan showing Sabine who's the Ganzermache


I think that should cover things for the time being.  If you need any more information please let me know.  Philip never ceases to amaze me with his memory of all our extended family.  I don't know how he manages to keep track of everything.


Kol ha Kavod to both of you.


















































































Married Rose Cohen

Children: David

William remarried to Lily Gordon

Children: Denise (Deceased)









































































































































































. if you have any news, photographs or information please email Craig




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