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Connected names and stories

In this section I will try to look at the names of family that married into other names. Hinshelwood, Fraser, Taylor, Sarti etc. I am dependent on the goodwill of the various family strings to contact me with family pictures, the family lines and perhaps some stories. Meantime here are  some brief descriptions which we can expand upon.

Christine Hinshelwood
Christine is the daughter of Jack and Margaret. Margaret was the daughter of Margaret Simpson, Grandma Simpson
Christine's father was an architect who company designed the art deco cinema, The Cosmo, in Glasgow which is now the Glasgow  Film Theatre (GFT) Christine runs a successful dance school and a personalised style consultancy . Christine's brother is Stewart and he married Helen. They have three children Joanna, Stephen and Michael.

Leigh et Jean-Philippe ARDRIT, Gabrielle and Gregory   
Leigh is the daughter of Margo  and Frank Fraser. Margo is one of the three daughters of Molly Kirkwood, Margo, Janice and Pauline. Molly was one of the daughters of Margaret Simpson. Leigh married Jean Philippe Ardrit who is a senior marketing manager for Lancome and Leigh is a school teacher in Paris. The family live in Paris where they have recently built a house. The children are Gregory and Gabrielle, Greggy and Gaby. Svetlana Coussins is God mother to Gabby.

Sandro, Pauline , Daniela and Claudia Sarti I do not have any photos f the Sarti Family yet.
Sandro married Pauline Kirkwood and they have two children Claudia and Danielle. Sandro runs the very successful Fratelli Sarti chain of Italian restaurants  in Glasgow. He comes from Lucca in Italy.

Janice and Donald Taylor.  Janice is the daughter of Molly and sister  to Pauline and Margo. Gary Taylor



Under construction  December 2007: The Family of Alexander Simpson:

Christine and I went down to Stranraer on the 23rd of December 2007 to visit with our Uncle Bill Simpson. Bill, now 92, lives by himself in a retirement home. Our Aunt Christina having died a few years before.. Bills Uncle was our Grandfather John Simpson. We were indeed fortunate to discover that our Uncle Bill was fully cognoscente and had a long and clear memory. This was especially useful when putting names to photographs. Christine had quite a few and Uncle Bill promised to try and recover some from other family members so that we could scan these into the website.

Bill was a farmer in Newton Stewart and eventually sold his own farm some years ago and retired. He has one son, Alexander Simpson, a renowned medial specialist and doctor. Sandy is married with two children and lives in England.


I remember being taken to his farm where I played with Sandy. Sandy was a couple of years younger than me but a very experienced farmers child. Sandy had a brown and white pony which was great to ride bareback like Red Indians. Indeed the pony looked like an Apache Pinto Pony . I also walked across a field of young cows led by Sandy as he wanted to show me the river at the bottom of the field. The coos, chased me but they only wanted to play I suppose. Sandy just shouted at them  and they ran away again. I was a little scared of the sea of horned beasties that seemed to be heading straight for my midriff. Sandy , also a great joker, convinced me that the solid looking hill in front of the wee brick wall, was wonderful to run up. Well I did and it took a lot of water a and scrubbing to remove the stench of soft manure that was immediately under the thin skin of the 'solid hill'.  I was not allowed in the house until I had been washed thoroughly with what seemed a hose first and then a stiff brush. Enough to traumatise me for the rest of my life . Well, I had actually forgotten all about that until Uncle Bill remembered this auspicious event. Then it all came flooding back unfortunately. Here in this lovely farmhouse was the place my Aunt Christina made me my first taste of Apple Crumble. It was wonderful. Sitting in the big kitchen in front of the range at the family table, I had been given lunch but the only thing that I remembered was her Apple Crumble. It was quite simply wonderful.

Uncle Bill bought a converted fishing trawler and called her Christina. He had this boat for many years and sailed around the UK. He loved going to Galway and the Aran Islands there. In fact the boat is now in the Galway Bay area and is still used as a pleasure boat. This is a picture. Uncle Bill explained that our family had come over from Ireland in the early 19th Century. Our lines include the Cronies, Slavins and McClymonts and various lines go back to the early 18th Century.



Bill is a great help in information regarding members of the family and well remembered his Uncle, a Champion Cheese maker, and who was sent to India by the British Council (governmment)  to teach cheese making.


Rosemary Simpson December 2007


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