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Preamble: My niece Dani Coussins once referred to me as the family archivist. I suppose that there should always be one in a family. While I have stories  and some history, I still need your stories and remembrances for your own children, nieces and nephews etc.. My mother was Sadie Simpson born Sarah McClymont Simpson. She married my Dad Jack Coussins. My          maternal grandmother was very close to me and lived with us for all my childhood until my age 16. She taught me how to cook Clootie Dumpling, brew  Ginger Wine  and make bannocks on a  skillet. We spent a lot of time together and she told me wonderful and sometimes very funny stories of her early life as a  mother of 10 children.. The family came from Newton Stewart and Stranraer, Wigtownshire and were principally farmers, dairymen and ploughmen. My Grandfather , John Simpson, was a successful Dairyman and was a champion Cheesemaker. He won the prestigious Stranraer Show in 1904 and again in 1905. We have both cups in the family and I was the very fortunate recipient of one of these cups, courtesy of Christine Hinshelwood, a much loved cousin. Please read  the family stories.

We have researched this line of the family very thoroughly and can trace back to the early 19th century and as we develop the website, probably much further. This will be done within the next two months. Some times these things take time. Please email me to put you on the list when I do updates

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My favourite uncle was Hugh Kirkwood,
father to Margo, Janice and Pauline.
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Sadie Simpson became the President of the British Association of Teachers of Dancing. Miss Simpson travelled all over North America bringing America and Canada into the association and in turn growing the organisation. Miss Simpson remained the Overseas administrator for many years. Retiring as President, Miss Simpson became the Trustee for the B.A.T.D. One of her own students Miss Helen Ford, also became President and was overseas administrator. Another student, Katrina Allan became the secretarial administrator for the B.A.T.D. at their offices in Maywood Square. Miss Simpson (who was married to Jack Coussins) had many dance schools all over Glasgow and all pupils and full time students would call her, Miss Simpson. That started in the 1920's when she was 13years of  age and opened her first school. Miss Simpson was a World Champion Highland Dancer and the family sold up in Newton Stewart so they could bring her to Glasgow for better opportunity. (See Stories section)

Simpson Research 21st March 2006 David Roseburgh. Best I can do right now.

Today’s research centred round information provided by Mr. Craig Coussins.

Sadie Simpson Dancing School Photo 1934 -Sadie  Simpson is on extreme right.

I have always said that having a photo to remind us of happy times helps to keep the memories that were shared with us through our loved ones, to remain alive and to continue to be part of not only our own lives but right through to those in and from our families that follow us.

A very nice lady sent this to me today while going through her mums personal; effects. It was of the lady’s mother when she was 4 and in the Sadie Simpson School of Dancing back in 1934. They were doing one of her staged weddings, a popular item on her dance displays for many years. When someone in Royalty got married there was always a big thing in the news and n Radio and then television. The Sadie Simpson School usually replicated this as a current act with the smaller kids. I was cupid in one and so were my two brothers at some stage. I even have a film of one of these weddings with Paul aged around three dancing around in his little silk cupid with a bow made from a coat hanger. Mind you I also have one of these as a studio shot with me in a similar costume. Surprised that wearing all this costumes that we did not grow up as a mannish depressives with delusions of gender.

I was looking through my late mothers things and I have a little something to show you from my mums childhood that she absolutely treasured.  A picture from the Daily Record showing a wedding scene from Miss Sadie Simpsons pupils dancing display held in St Mungos Halls (I've looked that up - seems it was a beautiful building in Ballater Steet).  
My mums name was Elizabeth (Elsie) Scott and she was always proud to tell me that she was the bride - the littlest girl in the front ️.  This must have been 1933/34.

Hope it is of interest to you - my mum was very proud of it

I replied: “How wonderful this is to see my mother...standing on the extreme right hand side. 1933-34?

She just met my father, Jack Coussins, around then so this would be before she got married in 1938.

This is, indeed, such a beautiful memory that I can share with my family all over the world.

We have a family archive which forms part of our genealogy research. I have been working on this, sometimes thankless, task for nearly 20 years but getting these sparkling jewels is like finding lost treasure and I truly thank you so very much for thinking about sending this to us.

Anything else that you can add to our trove of memories will be extremely well received.



  1. No Image available:The oldest son was Johny Simpson Died around 1984  who married Marion  Two children Ian (died) and a girl (still alive in Vancouver)

  2. No Image available:Nean Simpson Died approx  1997 who  married Andy McGhee had children Netta and Bill (William)

  3. Alexander (or Alec) married Jean Hume Died  around 78 Has three children. Gordon, Charles (died approx 1989} and Sandra No Images available:

  4. No Image available:Molly Simpson  Died around 1993 married Hugh Kirkwood died around 1984 (it was the same year as Hughie) Have three children Margo, Janice and Pauline

  5. Margaret Simpson died 2000 married Jack Hinshelwood  Died 1974? had two children Stuart and Christine

  6. No Image available:Hugh Simpson died approx 1994 married Kathy Mack had one son Ronnie

  7. My line- Sarah Simpson died 1998 married Jack Coussins died 2000 have three children Raymond born 1940, Craig born 1947 and Paul born 1950

No Image available: Hugh Heron Simpson, car park supervisor date of birth 25/01/1920  married to Catherine McEwan Mack died aged 64 on the1st April 1984 at Southern General Hospital Glasgow. Normal domicile was 142 Shawbridge Street Glasgow. The son of John Simpson, dairyman and Margaret Simpson M/S McClymont.

Found birth record

On the 25th January 1920 at East Greenyards Farm district of St. Ninians Stirlingshire John Simpson, dairyman and Margaret Simpson M/S Mcclymont had a son named Hugh Heron.

No Image available:Mary Jane (Molly) Kirkwood (date of birth 17/06/1914 widow of Hugh Kirkwood engineer turner died aged 75 on the 16th April 1990 at 25 Glasgow Road Eaglesham. Usual residence was 42 Dixon Road, Glasgow. She was the daughter of John Simpson dairyman and Margaret McClymont. NOTE must have become known as Molly.

Found birth record

On the 17th June 1914 at East Boreland in the parish of Old Luce John Simpson, dairyman and his wife Margaret Simpson M/S McLymont had a daughter named Mary Jane.  Record states that John Simpson’s normal domicile was Low Street Stoneykirk.

Kirkwood Line:  Hugh Kirkwood, engineer turner died aged 71 on the 1st April 1984 at 42 Dixon Road Glasgow. He was married to Mary Jane Kirkwood M/S Simpson and the son of John Scott Kirkwood, spirit salesman and Jane Graham Kirkwood M/S Dougall

Traced marriage of Hugh Kirkwood and Mary Jane (Molly)  Simpson.

On the 14th July 1936 at St. Mungo Halls Glasgow after banns according to the forms of the Church of Scotland Hugh Kirkwood, despatch warehouseman, bachelor aged 23 residing at 31 Waddell Street Glasgow. The son of John Scott Kirkwood, spirit salesman and Jane Graham M/S Dougal


Mary Jane Simpson, biscuit packer, spinster aged 22 residing at 93 Sandyfaulds Street Glasgow. The daughter of John Simpson, dairyman and Margaret Simpson M/S McClymont.

Checked for births of the daughters.

No Image available:Margaret (Margo)  Simpson Kirkwood born 15th December 1936 at 93 Sandyfaulds Street Glasgow.

Pauline Kirkwood born 3rd August 1951 at 28 Carfin Street Glasgow.

No Image available:I could not find birth of Janice. Could she have been born in England? There was a Janice Muriel Kirkwood in the year 1943.




Margaret McClymont Hinshelwood, furrier date of birth 23/06/1911  retired died aged 88 on the 4th January 2000 at 234 Crow Road Glasgow. She was the widow of John Hinshelwood, architect and the daughter of John Simpson, master funeral director and Margaret Simpson M/S McClymont.

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Rosemary and Uncle Bill in Stranaer June 2008 with the family tree chart.

Uncle Bill is the son of John Simpson's brother.

  1. No Image available:Nean Simpson Died approx  1997 who  married Andy McGhee had children Netta and Bill (William) No Image available:

I was unable to trace a death for Nean Simpson but from above information found the following death record.

On the 2nd February 1999 at 35 Hanson Street Glasgow Johnawana McGhie died aged 92 Date of birth 03/07/1906  She was the widow of Andrew McGhie, chauffeur and the daughter of John Simpson, dairyman and Margaret Simpson M/S McClymont.

At first I thought there had been a clerical error with the Christian name. However on checking the birth record found the spellings matched.

On the 3rd July 1906 at Garthland Mains Stonykirk John Simpson, dairyman and his wife Maggie Simpson M/S McClymont had a daughter named Johnawana.