Family Stories and Connections

December 2005-5766

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My DNA was taken some time ago to locate family trees that may have been fractured at some stage.

The Holocaust was a major cause of one of these of course.
Meantime here are the documents that you can print out and study.
These are thumbnails but when clicked open out to a 3meg file for printing. Although this information was very costly overall I hope that you will understand the value of this work and therefore find the information useful. If you have kids then I am sure that they will find this very interesting. Especially the coloured map.


Page one is the Coussins/Simpson DNA Marker set. Page two is the global map where our Coussins related family have spread. These are all full size and can be printed out in colour.
Page three is the links information page where you can find out much more. Enjoy.


If you would like to learn more about DNA research and testing, here is another useful
link to the DNA Test centre in America and links to their recent journals.

Craigs personal family pictures can also be seen here. These are fully descriptive images