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The Coussins Family photographs

Granma  and Pappa

Outside 44 Milton Drive Southwick Sussex.

L-R Grandma Simpson, Granma Coussins Sarah Coussins, Craig and Papa. Paul is in front 1955

Granma and Papa 1968

Granmas Passport photo 1965

Pappa had been asked to join his freind and co stage commedian, Charlie Chaplin

Charlie went to Canada and sent Papa a letter asking him to reconsider and jon him as there was plenty of work for them in the Colonies. Charlie wanted to pull togtehr jhis old troupe and get something going in Canada adn the America. Pappa joined up instead as World War One pretty much stopped any thing else. Here is Charlies and Stan Laurels passage papers to Canada

In 1898, this was the general mode of transport for those that could aford it-more on this soon

Jack and Sarah Coussins  and sons

Raymond, Craig and Paul Coussins Family



Harry Coussins Family

Harry , Pam , Ricky and Denise Coussins: Southwick 1962

Harry RAF Cairo 1943

Harry RAF Egypt 1942

Pam (Coussins) Hove 1935

Harry outside his home in Southwick 1950

Roicky Coussins age 7 mnths 1954

Ricky,Denise and Marilyn Coussins in Granma and Papa's garden in Southwick.Marylin is Leslie and Sylvias daughter. Photo around 1959

Passover at Harry and Pams house 1964 with Harry, Jack, wives and their children including Raymond and Sharon

The Pasover in 1964 with Harry pouring the wine looked on by his brother Jack and Jacks new daughter in law, Sharon

Jack Coussins family with Harry Couusins Family meet at Lake Geneva in 1965

Ricky witrh his mum Pam 1989

Haryy and his wife and best friend , Josie with their grandchild Joel 1996

Harry and Gypsy his motor home 1990

Ricky and Harry Coussins at Goodwood 1990

Ricky, Saron, Rachel and Joel 2005


Leslie Lazarus Coussins  Family

Leslie aged 22

1949 Leslie and Sylvia

Les and Sylvia in Brighton in 1950. Granma and Papa lived in Southwick near Brighton

11959 Denise, Ricky and Marilyn in Southwick

Marilyn Coussins around 1975

Leslie around 1965

Leslie 1975

Les and Sylvia on Holliday in Mallorca 1970

Leslie and Sylvia in Florida

Florida 1975

Sylvia with Jack and Sarah Coussins Florida 1875

Their Beautiful Daughter Lauren

Their Beautiful Daughter Beverley

Marilyn and Eric Benson September 2006


Craig Coussins Family

Craig on his 60th birthday in Lyon. Taken by Svetlana.