The Hervey Family arrived from England aboard the Umgeni Clipper

The Heveys/ Justin and Dani (Coussins) Hervey,
son Jack and Isla

Isla Hervey born at 8.35am bloody gorgeous and dark hair to boot at a trim 3.22 kgs.




May 2009 South Africa Capetown

The Cherry Faced Lurchers (the official team name for Justin and Pete) ran a
90km trail run this last weekend. 25 km on Friday, 40km on Saturday and 25km
on Sunday.  "Are these men insane" she said..well no they really enjoy it, and it's a
natural addictive high. (plus Justin runs with Jack when he's training and
gives mum a break..:))
All moms and assorted babies (in and out of utero) went up to support over
the weekend to cheer on their hubbies and daddies. Perfect conditions for
running, magnificent scenery and lots of fun. Here we all are after the
race. Justin fell fast asleep as we drove home...exhausted! But good.
Me? Just carrying Princess Hervey through her 40 weeks is tiring

20th May 2009

Gari had a stopover before flying to the UK and Jack and I went to see him for a visit.



Jack is six months old in April 2008
The Herveys, South Africa

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This page does presently include the Coussins who will soon have their own page.

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Justin and Dani

Justin , Dani and Sherry

Justin Hervey 11th November 2007

Mums November 2007

Sarah and Mum Ina November 2007

Justin and Dani November 11th 2007

Wedding November 11th 2007

Wedding Party November 11th 2007

Wedding Part November 11th 2007

The ushers taking the bride away November 11th 2007

The Coussins Family, South Africa

Sarah Coussins

Sarah Coussins

Ina and Sarah being flown by Dad Gari Coussins

Dani and Justin

Gari Coussins

Dani and her neice Sarah

Dani aged 13 in Edinburgh-portrait by Craig

Dani's graduation

Hellicopter Pilot with President Nelson Mandella

Sherry back in SA with Dani.

Carly Coussins, Dani Coussins, Rebecca Coussins 1999

Dani in 2001

Mr and Mrs Hervey November 2007

Dani and her Step Dad Mike Hornsey who gave her away November 11th 2007

Wedding party November 11th 2007

Sarah Coussins was a bridesmaid at her Auntie Dani's wedding November 11th 2007

Sarah and her Mum Ina Coussins November 11th 2007

Sherry Hornsey November 11th 2007

The Herveys March 2008

Justin and Jack

Not a pleasant journey for Justins ancestors

April 1 2008 Jack Lloyd Hervey's mum and dad hogging the camera-

April 1 2008 Jack Lloyd Hervey

April 1 2008 Jack Lloyd Hervey

Wedding of Mr and Mrs Hervey November 11th 2007

No Dani this does not have batteries: Honeymoon Paris November 2006

3rd October 2007 and still partying-albeit more wobblying though

Proud Dad Justin and his wee boy Jack 16th October 2007

Baby Jack comes into the world 16th October 2007

Mum and baby Jack look great on 17th October 2007

Jack needs great Uncle Craig to make him some little shoes perhaps?

28th August 2007 Soon to say hello to Jack

Dani and Justin Hervey just got Hitched November 11th 2007

Dani and Step Dad Mike showing who has the bigger tummy

Dani and Niece Sarah Coussins November 11th 2007

Gari Coussins November 11th 2007

Gari Coussins, Dani's Bro November 11th 2007

Jack Lloyd Hervey

Sheri was married to Raymond Coussins and this is the family with Sheri's Mum- left is 16 year old Craig- on right is dad Jack. 13 year old Paul front

Nearly six months since Jack arrived and already fully of fun.

Granny Hervey making sure Jack is edookated

Jack is six months old in April. Sitting with Granny Hervey at lunchtime waiting for the milk lady-Hey I thouight she did outside catering?

Jack Hervey is now 10 months old. August 2008

Jack is now becoming a very handsome wee boy-takes after his dad.

September 2008

While his dad is reliving his childhood as a Cowboy. YEE HA September 2008

Sent 25 11 08


How the Hervey's arrived in South Africa


Ref: Umgeni 1864 wooden ship,
1875 re-rigged as a
barque, 1882

A little about your ancestors ship and the companies that owned it.
In 1875 the Umgeni was re-rigged as a barque, in 1882
 converted into a coal hulk at Durban. 365 tonnes

Aberdeen Clipper Line of Packets / Aberdeen to Natal Direct Line / John T. Rennie, Son & Co. / John T. Rennie & Sons 1845-1911 / Harrison-Rennie Line 1911-1921

John Thomson Rennie owned his first ship the SAMSON in 1845 with his brother George and became a shipping and insurance broker in 1849. Rennies ships initially traded to India, Australia and the Cape Colony and in 1853 also to Madagascar. John T. Rennie ordered his first steamship in 1854 from the yard of Scott & Company at Greenock and the MADAGASCAR was completed in 1855, followed in 1856 by the WALDENSIAN.

In 1856 the Natal Colony became self governing and the mail contract from Natal to the Cape Colony went to John T. Rennie and the MADAGASCAR in command of his brother George sailed from Natal via Algoa Bay and East London to the Cape. John T. Rennie set up the Aberdeen Clipper Line of Packets and the first sailing from London to Natal was taken by the Iron barque L’IMPERATRICE EUGENIE in November 1858. The MADAGASCAR was wrecked in December 1858 south of East London and the WALDENSIAN in 1862 near Cape Agulhas.

In 1869 John T. Rennie started a joint service with Bullard, King & Company under the banner of the Aberdeen Clipper Line of Packets from London to Natal. The London Company was known as John T. Rennie, Son and Company.

John T. Rennie died in 1878 and his three younger sons John, Alexander and David joined their brother George to continue the business. In 1882 a new steamship the DABULAMANZI was completed by Hall, Russell & Company at Aberdeen and in 1885 the MATABELE was delivered. By 1890 the Company owned six steamers mostly with Zulu or ‘In’ names. In 1895 the last sailing vessel the QUATHLAMBA was sold.

In 1904 the first above 4,000 tons gross INANDA (2) joined the fleet. The final and largest ship built for John T. Rennie and Sons was the INTABA which was completed at the end of 1910. John T. Rennie, Son & Co.'s Aberdeen Direct Line was purchased in 1911 together with their fleet of seven ships and passenger services to Natal by the Liverpool based Thos. & Jas. Harrison. Their fleet continued to sail to South Africa as the Harrison-Rennie Line, retaining vessel names beginning 'In' a tradition retained for Harrison's passenger vessels. The first vessel built for the Harrison-Rennie Line was a cargo ship named ITOMBI in 1912 and she was followed in 1913 by the only passenger ship ordered for the Harrison-Rennie Line the 114 passenger ship INGOMA.

In May 1921 the passenger service was abandoned. The Rennie name was dropped and both ships were transferred to Harrison’s London to West Indies passenger service. Two further passenger ships with Rennie names were built for the West Indies service in 1925 and 1937, the INANDA (3) and INKOSI (2). World War 2 was the end of the passenger ships for Harrison.

Umgeni 1864 wooden ship, 1875 re-rigged as a barque, 1882 converted into a coal hulk at Durban. 365 tonnes

A barque, sometimes spelled bark, originally referred to a particular type of ship-rigged sailing vessel with a plain bluff bow and a full stern with windows square sails on the fore mast and fore and aft sails on the after mast. Generally in the range of 250 - 700 ton capacity.
HM Bark Endeavour, commanded by Captain James Cook was a famous example.


Bullard King & Company, Limited / Natal Direct Line

Bullard King & Company, Limited, was founded in 1850 with a fleet of small sailing ships trading from the Thames to the Mediterranean. In 1879 they built their first steamer and introduced the Natal Direct Line to carry passengers directly to Durban and later East African ports. In 1889 they commenced sailings from India to South Africa to carry field labourers for the sugar plantations. In 1911 immigration from India was stopped and in 1919 Bullard King & Company, Limited, was taken over by the Union-Castle Line, although keeping it's independent identity and colours. For later history see Union-Castle Line. Their last ships were merged into the Springbok Line in 1960.

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.


·         1879-1960 UK - South Africa (later added East Africa and Mauritius)

·         1889-1933 India and Ceylon - South Africa.




Buff with black top and brown band.


Umgeni (1) 1898 November 1917, sank in bad weather in convoy. 2,662 Umgeni (2) 1938 1957 sold to Elder Dempster & Co., renamed Winneba. 8149 Umgeni (3) 1942 ex- Clan Macrae, 1959 transferred from Clan Line and renamed Umgeni, 1960 transferred to Springbok Line, renamed Gemsbok 9,184


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