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 `Charismatic' Jerry, aged 96, dies

JERRY (Judah) Cousin, of Glasgow, died in Manchester on Monday, aged 96, writes his daughter Laura Valins, of Manchester. He was born in 1909 in Glasgow, the youngest of eight children.. Jerry didn't not have much education,  having to earn a living to contribute to the family coffers. But he was a smart and charismatic man who never had a day's unemployment .

He eventually worked for the Pearl and Dean media advertising company for more than 30 years . Jerry married Rina, his childhood sweetheart, in 1932 when she was 20 and he was 23. They had three children -Shirley, Brian and Laura - nine grandchildren and a host of great grandchildren.  He had three passions in life - his family, sport, especially football, and Israel . His family came first. Even when dying in hospital, Jerry asked every day : "How are the kids?"

Football was always important to him . He grew up within earshot of Celtic Park in Glasgow and went on to be an avid Celtic fan. His son Brian, was a keen and accomplished goalkeeper for Glasgow Maccabi . Jerry was always to be seen on the sidelines . He was known for his (somewhat biased) match accounts in the-then Glasgow Jewish Echo. Jerry was very involved with Glasgow Maccabi and remained their honorary life president.

On his retirement from Pearl and Dean in 1976, he and Rina fulfilled his lifelong ambition and retired to live in Israel where he remained until Rina died in 1988 . Jerry then moved to Manchester to be near his youngest daughter Laura and her family. In 1996 he suffered the tragic loss of his elder daughter Shirley, and her husband Gerald within 10 days of each other. He was sustained by his memories of a long and fulfilled life and by the love of his family.

Jerry remained proud dignified and independent to the end .

(Jewish Echo),

(I remember Uncle Jerry and Aunt Rina well. We had already met each other at weddings and Bar mitzvahs. We also met in Israel when I was there back in the late 60's. I met Brian and his family as well.  Uncle Gerry was a lovely, very interesting and elegant man- - Craig Coussins)

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