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Christine and I visited Uncle Bill Simpson (Grandfather John Simpson's nephew)  in his Sheltered Home in Stranaer a fe times to get both his input and Rosemary's input in determining the family tree. Here both are with the draft tree copy in order that they can make notes and eventually let me know where the updates should be.


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Draft research by: David Roseburgh-Genealogist.  January 2006

8th August 2006

The 6 children of John and Maggie Simpson  found so far are

Johnawana (Nean) Simpson 1906-1999
Margaret McClymont Simpson 1911-2000
Alexander (Alec) Simpson 1912-1992
Mary Jane (Molly) Simpson 1914 1990
Sadie Sarah Ruth McClymont Simpson 1915-1998
Hugh Herron Simpson 1920-1959.

There might be another child

Johnny Simpson-Children son Iain and daughter is Rae Simpson


Simpson Research 21st March 2006 David Roseburgh

Todayís research centred round information provided by Mr. Craig Coussins.

Here are the available details Craig. .Best I  can do right now


  1. The oldest son was Johny Simpson Died around 1984  who married Marion ? Two children Ian (died) and a girl (still alive in Vancouver)

  2. Nean Simpson Died approx  1997 who  married Andy McGhee had children Netta and Bill (William)

  3. Alexander (or Alec) married Jean Hume Died  around 78 Has three children. Gordon, Charles (died approx 1989} and Sandra

  4. Molly (Mary Jane) Simpson  Died around 1993 married Hugh Kirkwood died around 1984 (it was the same year as Hughie) Have three children Margo, Janice and Pauline

  5. Margaret Simpson died 2000 married Jack Hinshelwood  Died 1974? had two children Stuart and Christine. Stuart died on August 7 2016. Stuart had one child.

  6. Hugh Simpson died approx 1994 married Kathy Mack had one son Ronnie

  7. My line- Sarah Simpson died 1998 married Jack Coussins died 2000 have three children Raymond born 1940, Craig born 1947 and Paul born 1950

Mary Jane Kirkwood (date of birth 17/06/1914 widow of Hugh Kirkwood engineer turner died aged 75 on the 16th April 1990 at 25 Glasgow Road Eaglesham. Usual residence was 42 Dixon Road Pollockshields. She was the daughter of John Simpson dairyman and Margaret McClymont. NOTE must have become known as Molly.

Found birth record

On the 17th June 1914 at East Boreland in the parish of Old Luce John Simpson, dairyman and his wife Margaret Simpson M/S McLymont had a daughter named Mary Jane.  Record states that John Simpsonís normal domicile was Low Street Stoneykirk.

Hugh Heron Simpson, car park supervisor date of birth 25/01/1920  married to Catherine McEwan Mack died aged 64 on the1st April 1984 at Southern General Hospital Glasgow. Normal domicile was 142 Shawbridge Street Glasgow. The son of John Simpson, dairyman and Margaret Simpson M/S McClymont.

Found birth record

On the 25th January 1920 at East Greenyards Farm district of St. Ninians Stirlingshire John Simpson, dairyman and Margaret Simpson M/S McClymont had a son named Hugh Heron.

Margaret McClymont Hinshelwood, furrier date of birth 23/06/1911  retired died aged 88 on the 4th January 2000 at 234 Crow Road Glasgow. She was the widow of John Hinshelwood, architect and the daughter of John Simpson, (shown here as a master funeral director) and Margaret Simpson M/S McClymont.

  1. Nean Simpson Died approx  1997 who  married Andy McGhie had children Netta and Bill (William)

I was unable to trace a death for Nean Simpson but from above information found the following death record.

On the 2nd February 1999 at 35 Hanson Street Glasgow Johnawana McGhie died aged 92 Date of birth 03/07/1906  She was the widow of Andrew McGhie, chauffeur and the daughter of John Simpson, dairyman and Margaret Simpson M/S McClymont.

At first I thought there had been a clerical error with the Christian name. However on checking the birth record found the spellings matched.

On the 3rd July 1906 at Garthland Mains Stoneykirk John Simpson, dairyman and his wife Maggie Simpson M/S McLymont had a daughter named Johnawana.

Traced marriage of Hugh Kirkwood and Mary Jane Simpson.

On the 14th July 1936 at St. Mungo Halls Glasgow after banns according to the forms of the Church of Scotland Hugh Kirkwood, despatch warehouseman, bachelor aged 23 residing at 31 Waddell Street Glasgow. The son of John Scott Kirkwood, spirit salesman and Jane Graham M/S Dougal

Married Mary Jane Simpson, biscuit packer, spinster aged 22 residing at 93 Sandyfaulds Street Glasgow. The daughter of John Simpson, dairyman and Margaret Simpson M/S McClymont.

Checked for births of the daughters.

Margaret Simpson Kirkwood born 15th December 1936 at 93 Sandyfaulds Street Glasgow.

Pauline Kirkwood born 3rd August 1951 at 28 Carfin Street Glasgow.

Jane Dougal (Janis) was born on25th of  May 1944 at home

Hugh Kirkwood, engineer turner died aged 71 on the 1st April 1984 at 42 Dixon Road Glasgow. He was married to Mary Jane Kirkwood M/S Simpson and the son of John Scott Kirkwood, spirit salesman and Jane Graham Kirkwood M/S Dougall

Pauline and Dad Hugh 1978


On the 24th of March I received a letter from Joan Pringle of Dumfriesshire who was researching her own family tree and has come up with a common link from 1792:

That is as follows:


James McGaw married Grace  (Grizal) McDowell*) at Stony Kirk 10th March 1791 John was first son and he was born Barscarrow Farm Christening date January 1792 Stonykirk

*Her parents John McDowell (b 1770) married Annie McMillan (C.13th July 1774) Stonykirk Parish

 Janet McGaw was christened on the 6th of January 1796

(Parents:  James McGaw married Margaret Brown Living in Grennan Farm at Drumore Kirk Maiden parish)


James McClymont (Barscarrow Farm)

One son  John married married Janet McGaw

John McClymont married Janet McGaw (at the top of our own tree)

John McClymont agricultural labourer Aged 30, Son of James McClymont and to Janet McGaw daughter of James and Janet McGaw Aged 26.  the marriage took place on the 5th of  December 1822)

David McCylmont` on 16th September 1827 Christened

Anne Christened 14th Feb 1831

Jean C 23 Feb 1834

Susan C 22 Jan 1837

Janet C 11 April 1841


James son of John and Janet Christened 9th October 1823 and he died 23 August 1880

The got married on 13t November 1848 At Ardwell  Mains. From the Free Press:

At Ardwell Mains Stonykirk on the 30th November 1848 James McClymont. Agricultural Labourer, Working on the Grennan Farm) married Mary Stevenson daughter of Samuel Stevenson who is A Gardener on Ardwell  mains, Stonykirk.


Samuel B 1852 D1920 Aprox


From Samuel McClymont who married Mary Hearn

Samuel b 1852 D approx 1920's He married Mary Hearn 20th August 1849 Died 27th Feb 1914

Married 16th Feb 1882

Had Margaret born 1872 Married James Preston

One child Mary

Grace Born 28th May 1883

The family

John B 1850 Died 9th March 1914  Died 9th March 1914 He married Isabella Milby Inch Parish Church 4th May 1872
He became Dairyman at Cults Farm outside Glenluce. Isabella was born 1852 died 2 June 1936 aged 84


John B 1876 D 1880

Samuel 1879

Margaret 1880

Hugh B 1882 D April 1 1913 Married Jessie Erskin Born 1884 D 15th August 1907 Inch Parrish

Jessie B 1883 D 23 April 1885

Janet 1886

Mary B 1888 D 17th December 1967

Robert 1890

Fergusson 6th November 1891

Son William as above

William B 1874 d 13TH April 1935

William McClymont married Mary Cunningham Hale B 1874 D 29th September 1945

John B1898 D 10 Dec 1918 WW1,

Joseph B 1899 D 3rd Jan 1914

James B 1900 D 3 October 1948

 Samuel Born June 1907 D 24th June 1910

William B 1903 D 29th March 1969

Herbert B 6th July 1909 D 25th April 1910

Janet Muir b 20th August 1856 Died 15th November 1919

She married John McMillan


Elizabeth B 19th March 1859

Heugh Hannah B 14th September 1862

David B 12October 1863

Isabella  B 1865 Died 7th April 1881