Christine Goldberg Scarce has outlined who she thinks are the name references.   (I have a full size image if you would like a copy. Please let me know.)

          1                             2                     3               4                5                        6                     7                         8

     Jacob                       Leah            Harris       Mary           Rebecca         Katie              Samuel             Lazarus


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    based on Scotland Census 1901



Date Born


Age  in photo if taken Early 1900 turn of the century

Aged in 1901





Lazarus Goldberg & Rachel Wilks




Leah Goldberg (nee Feldman)


Abraham & Anne






Lazarus Goldberg & Rachel Wilks






Lazarus Goldberg & Rachel Wilks






 Isaac Feldman(Felmon) & Leah Jedlin/Yedlik






Lazarus Goldberg& Rachel Wilks






Lazarus Goldberg & Leah Feldman (Felmon)

18 months





Benjamin & Katie






Lazarus Goldberg & Leah Feldman(Felmon / Felman all interchangeable)

Not born maybe Leah is

pregnant in photo

5 months




Lazarus Goldberg& Leah Feldman (Felmon)

Not born


Rebecca (Leba) born 1894, married Louis Cussin (Coussins) in 1915 but had been going out with him since 1913 / 1914. I think that she was around 18/19  when she married.  If so she would have been 5 in the photograph that would date this to 1900. If she was the older girl and aged 7  or 8 -and there seems to be  facial similarity with Leah then the photograph would date to ? I will get this defined when we know the age that she was married.

New research June 2009:

Isaac Felman/Fellman/Feldman and his brother Max lived at various times in Hamilton and Glasgow.  
The 2 Felman brothers were the sons of 'Harris' Felman and Leah Reback.
Max's son George/ Hersh may have been named after 'Harris' (Harris is usually originally Hirsch or Tzvi)
Isaac had at least 2 children other than Rebecca:
It's confusing- Leah had 2 daughters called Betsy. The one by her first husband seems to have died in 1894.
Isaac and Leah's daughter Rachel was born in 1891, but we don't know what happened to her after that.
Betsy - c1885-1894 (buried in Craigton cemetery)

Rachel Felman

born 1 Sept. 1891, 10 Cadzow St., Hamilton


Isaac Felman, tailor, master/ Leah ms Yedlin

Married: 15 April 1883, Warsaw, Poland

This tells us that Isaac and Leah were married in Warsaw. 
 Death Certificate of Isaac Feldman

Max married Mary Poplaskie in Bialystock in 1887 and they had at least 6 children:

George (Hersh) - 1888-1889
Louis - 1889-1891 (see death cert. )
Samuel - born 1891
Jessie - born 1893
Betsy Leah - born 1898
Isaac - born c1899
Betsy Leah Felman

born1898, 77 Chapel St., Hamilton


Max Felman, hairdresser, master/ Mary Poplaskie

Married: 27 August 1887,  Bialistock, Russia

There was never more than  handful of Jews in Hamilton and no community.

In the 1891 Census, at 79 Chapel Street, Hamilton:
Max Felman- head- 24-  hairdresser, born Virshove, Poland
[I reckon this is Warsaw]
Mary – wife- 23- born Russia

Samuel – son- 3 months - born Hamilton

Jacob Golberg –cousin-  married- 20 – shoemaker - born Russia

Jeanie Felman -half sister- unmarried - 19 -shop girl, confectioner, born Virshove, Poland
Not sure what happened to Jacob, or how Jeanie was connected.


Rebecca died in 1971 and is buried with husband Louis in Cardonald Jewish cemetery, used by Glasgow Reform Synagogue.


Louis and Rebecca              Rebecca Passport Photo          Rebecca, Sarah, Louis 1957         Craig with his Grandma Rebecca 1971
                                                                                          and left to right Paul and Craig

About Lazarus Goldberg:

Express and Journal paper not sure what year. 

Heading  Dying Philanthropist Seeks Son  -  His family in South Australia

The story of an aged philanthropist, who since his retirement some 20 years ago, had devoted his life to the alleviation of the hardships of the poor, comes from Glasgow, where he spent his life.  It is particularly interesting from the fact that four of his sons and a daughter came to Australia some years ago, and settled in Adelaide.  They are Messrs. Morris, Benjamin, Israel and Jack Goldberg and Mrs Yanofski.  The three first mentioned carry on business as hardware merchants on North terrace under the title of Goldberg Brothers but Mr. Jack Goldberg lives at Broken Hill.

Behind an SOS broadcast from all British stations (says a Scottish writer), lies a poignant story of how a Glasgow father, when he came to die, wished to have his youngest son whom he had not seen for two and a half years, by his bedside.  But no word came from the young man in answer to the appeal, and the aged father died without seeing the boy whose whereabouts still remain a complete mystery to his brothers and sisters.  The father had given his life to the cause of charity.  While struggling to alleviate the sufferings of the poor in his district he contracted an illness from which he never recovered.

The invalid father was Lazarus Goldberg, who lived with his married daughter, Mrs. Babbin, at 99 Gorbals Street Glasgow, and it was for his son Henry that the broadcast appeal was issued.  Two and a half years ago, while the family were living at 2 Adelphi street, Glasgow the young man left the family circle to make his way in the world.  For many months no word has been heard of him.  When the father realised that the end was near he felt that he wanted to see his youngest boy and to know where he had been living and what he had been doing.

Each day during the last fortnight he would ask, “Is there any word from Henry?” but always the answer was “No father, not yet.”

At last the other sons and daughters decided to issue a broadcast appeal, and the following message was heard by thousands of people over the country:-

“Will Henry Goldberg of 2 Adelphi street, Glasgow go to the house at  Gorbals Street, Glasgow where his father is lying dangerously ill?”

For three days the family anxiously awaited an answer to their appeal each day their father, who was 80 years old was sinking lower and lower.  But no word came.  Then the father passed away.

Did Good In Secret

It was Mr Sam Goldberg, another of the sons, who told the writer how the father had given up his life in the cause of charity.  “My father belonged to no society,” said Mr. Goldberg, “and all his good works are done without any of us being very much the wiser.  The money was drawn from a large circle of friends and acquaintances.  He used to go round them regularly and say “So-and-So” has no money to buy food will you give me some for them?” He was never sent away empty-handed.  If it was not only money he got, it was groceries or clothes from a shopkeeper, or maybe coal.  Sometimes he got enough to pay a poor widows rent.

There was not a better known man in this part of the city.  He was so well known that rich men whom he knew very often stopped their motor cars in the middle of the busiest streets and called him over to give him a pound note for charitable distribution.  Even the very poor whom he helped came to him when their circumstances permitted and gave him something to help someone poorer than themselves.  It was while engaged in this work that he caught the chill which resulted in his death.  He spent hours one cold and wet day collecting and when he came home he had to go to bed.  He never fully recovered from that illness.
                                                                                      Photo is Lazarus aged 73 taken in 1926, which is printed on the back of the photo. 

“It did not keep him from carrying on, however, even when he was hardly able to walk he went out to collect.  If he had stayed at home he might still have been with us.  When he was confined to his room he sent his family out to do his work, and even during that last fortnight he suddenly remembered a poor widow who was in dire straits.  “Take some money to her”, he told us, and he would not rest content till he knew that she had the money”

From descendant, Christine Scarce in Australia. April 2009



My name is Christine Scarce (maiden name Goldberg),  live in Western Australia  and was born in 1951.

I have been researching my family tree and whilst on the net I discovered your site and found today a missing link “Rebecca Goldberg – Feldman”.

My Grandfather was Benjamin Goldberg and his father was Lazarus Goldberg (wife Rachel Wilks).   In the 1901 census they mentioned Rebecca Goldberg of whom I have been unable to find a birth certificate, and from your site I now know why. 

One thing I have picked up from your site, which is not correct is Samuel Goldberg.  He was not the son of Lazarus and Rachel, but the son of Lazarus and Leah.    Rachel died in 1897 and Lazarus married Leah on 31.8.1897.   Samuel was born 16.7.1898 to Leah and Lazarus.  I also found from your site another child,  Betsey Goldberg, and also where my Great Grandmother is buried ( Newington Cemetery Edinburgh).   I have attached some information for you to read.

My Grandfather Benjamin came to South Australia  in 1913 with his 2 brothers (Israel & Moses) and set up a hardware shop in one of the main streets in Adelaide.  His other brother Jacob arrived in 1926.   My grandfather died in 1932 at the age of 55 and had 11 children.

The photo is the Lazarus family group taken circa 1900.  We think the youngest shown is Samuel  (Leah’s first born) with Lazarus aged about 20 months, and assume Henry and Betsy were born later.

The photo was given to me 8 months ago by a cousin in South Australian who knew it was the Lazarus family but could not name them.    Since doing research I think I have positively named them.  Please ignore the Cape Town on the frame as we think it was framed in Cape Town whilst the Goldberg’s where in transit to Australia.




The 3rd photo is of my 2 uncles and grandfather who are Lazarus eldest sons from his first marriage who came to Australia to settle





Family stories:

I will tell you a story. The first date with Beck was when Louis officially asked her out. I was under the impression that it was a blind date -sorry , I did not mean that to be as ironic as it sounded. (For Christine's benefit; Louis was later a war blinded soldier in the first world war) They agreed to meet on the steps of the Royal Museum , also know as the  Chamber Street Museum in Edinburgh. Pappa Louis told me this. I mentioned it back in 1964 when I asked them how they met. Pappa immediately said this and Granma Beck nodded her head, then she smiled her big beaming grin and said , 'I remember Libish and you were actually on time that day'. They explained to me, 'It was one of the three main places in Edinburgh for young couples to meet as the Museum was free, it was inside out of the rain and they had to talk in whispers.  This was good as they could get close to each other to hear what the other was saying-mainly nothing about the exhibits.  "Oh I say, Leba, look at this stuffed Elephant and I want to tell you that I fancy you "

I only tell you this as I think of them every time I pass or go to this museum. I often wonder on what steps the young shy couple met each other. The Chamber Street Museum steps are extremely long and run the length of the outside of this wonderful Victorian edifice. I am afraid that the only picture I can find is not great but at least you can see the building and maybe get a feel of the place. You can see the long steps.



From Ricky Coussins, Harry's son and grandson to Leba-Rebecca


That’s a lovely story Craig. 


You use of her pet name for pappa ‘Libish’ reminds me of another story about your mum and dad, but you all probably know this one.  Anyway – just in case here goes.  Grandma and Pappa had an old fashioned relationship (she used to cook for him and serve it and she then ate in the kitchen while he ate in the dining room – very Victorian).  But she also used to argue with him and he with her – so she was no shrinking violet.  Once when they were arguing your mum and dad were staying in Southwick with them and your mum heard grandma shouting at pappa, but in Yiddish which is the language they used to argue in (so we wouldn’t know what they were saying).  “Libish blah blah” she shouted and then again “blah blah Libish, Libish.”  Some time later back in Glasgow your mum and dad were having a tiff and your mum (not a Yiddish speaker) eventually, provoked to a boiling point, shouted at your dad “you, you, you Libish!!!”. The argument finished in fits of laughter when your father told her the real meaning of the word – Louis in Yiddish.


I had that story from your dad many years ago.  A good one!


Love to you all and Shabbat shalom.



Note from Craig:

We have always wondered about Isaac Feldman, wife of Leah and father to Rebecca Feldman Goldberg and wife of Louis Cussins/Coussins. Christine Scarce in Australia managed to almost miraculously fond this information that clears some of the lost knowledge. It also says that his name was not Feldman but Felman. Christine has been a veritable mine of information and I only wish I was as competent as she in her researches.

Date 22 April 2009

I have a bit more information for you which I think you will find interesting. 

I found the death certificate for Isaac Feldman (spelt Isaac Felmon) from Scotland’s People site. 
It indicates that he died on September 13th 1894 and was found at the Estate Public Baths, Main Street.
It appears the cause of death was asphyxia from drowning.  Note also on the certificate married to Leah Jedlin at 16 Hallside Street Glasgow.
Note from Craig.

One thing I found a little curious.I swam for the Macaabi and my father and I trained at the Gorbals baths. My father trained in water polo with his brothers at the Gorbals baths. Quite a few competitions were held there, but my father may not have known that this was where his grandfather died.

Isaac’s parents are indicated as follows:
Harris Felmon (Hairdresser) and Leah Felmon nee Reback both deceased at the time of Isaac death.

The registration was made by Max Felmon (his brother)
Christine (Goldberg) Scarce

Ray Scarce  FAIBS

Thumbnailed copy of Death Certificate.


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23 January 2006

Harvey Kaplan, Glasgow researcher

Dear Craig

Here is the report of my research at the records office this week:

1                  enclose the birth certificate of your grandmother, born Leba Feldman on 8 August 1894 in Glasgow. Her parents are listed as Isaac Feldman and Leah ms Yedleck, who were married in 1883. Unfortunately (and unusually) it does not give the town of marriage, only “Russia”.  However, this tells us that Isaac and Leah were in Scotland by 1894.

2                 I found no Feldmans in Scotland in the 1891 Census, which suggests they may have been in England in 1891, or had not yet left Russia.

New research has now found Isaac listed as Felman. See below and in the central column

3                 In 1897, Leah “Jedlin”, “widow”, married L Goldberg (widower) in Glasgow.  Leah’s husband, Isaac Feldman, must have died between 1894-1897 (although I could not find a death certificate for him in Scotland).  “Jedlin” is another form of “Yedleck” (accent problems?).  Leah’s parents are given as Abraham and Anne (= Chana/Hannah?). Leah is aged 29, therefore born c1868.

4                 In 1894, a Leah Feldman (born 1867) applied to the Parish for Poor Relief. Perhaps Isaac had just died?-

he died on September 13th 1894 and was found at the Estate Public Baths, Main Street.  It appears the cause of death was asphyxia from drowning

5                 Lazarus Goldberg had previously been married to Rachel, who died in April 1897 (he remarried as soon as August of that year!):

Death certificate:   Rachel Goldberg

                  Married to Lazarus Goldberg, slipper maker

                  Died 12 April 1897, 43 Potterrow, Edinburgh, aged 42

           Parents: Julius Wilks, carter, deceased/Minnie Wilks, ms ?

                  Died of consumption and asthma

                  Rachel is buried in Newington cemetery, Edinburgh.

6                 Birth certificate: Jacob Goldberg

Born 30 May 1895, 43 Potterrow, Edinburgh                  

                  Parents: Lazarus Goldberg, slipper dealer

                                Rachel ms Wilks

                                Married: 21 September 1873, Leeds

So Lazarus had married Rachel in Leeds – perhaps they knew Leah and Isaac Feldman, who (also perhaps) lived in Leeds, as did the Cussins.                                            

7                 In 1900, Lazarus and Leah had a son, Henry Goldberg, born in Edinburgh, and therefore a half-brother to Leba Feldman./Felman

8                 In 1902, they had a daughter:

Birth certificate: Betsy (Bessie) Goldberg

Born 28 June 1902, 21 North Richmond Street, Edinburgh.
Bessie married Fred Babbin and they had one daughter Lillian who had four children

Lazarus Goldberg, boot and shoe hawker / Leah Goldberg, previously Feldman, ms Jedlin

Married: 31 August 1897, Glasgow

9                 In the census of 1901, the family are living in Edinburgh (see enclosed)- at 15 North Richmond Street.  With them are Lazarus’s children from his first marriage (Benjamin, Moses, Mary, Katie , Harry, Jacob ), Rebecca (Leba) (with the surname Goldberg), and new baby Henry. 

Add: Samuel was born 16.7.1898 to Leah and Lazarus. 

By coincidence, Samuel Goldberg, youngest son of Lazarus and Leah, was later to marry my grandmother’s cousin, Frances Tropp.

10              Henry Goldberg, son of Lazarus and Leah, married in 1927, by which time  he had changed his name to Gold!

11              I could find no record of the deaths of Henry or his sister Betsy.

12              I enclose the death certificate of Leah Goldberg in 1909. Lazarus, who registered the death, stated that Leah’s first husband was “Morris” Feldman – no doubt a mistake.

13              I also enclose the marriage certificate of Rebecca Feldman to Louis Coussins in 1915.

14              Lazarus Goldberg died in 1931:

Death certificate: Lazarus Goldberg, drapery traveller; widower of  1- Rachel Wilks and 2- Leah Yedlin or Feldman

Died 3 November 1931, aged 79; 99 Gorbals Street, Glasgow

Lazarus Goldberg was buried in Sandymount Jewish cemetery in Glasgow

Parents: Benjamin Goldberg, general dealer; Katie ms ?

Registered by H Goldberg, son, 41 Rutherglen Rd., Glasgow       

I can also send you the data in GEDCOM format.

Harvey Kaplan


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