News update: 14th June 2010

June 13th 2010 New family member :Leopoldo Murnik
This is the brother of Rebbecca Murnik, Leopoldo Murnik. He and his wife Lilian live in Israel.  Leopoldo is the son of Motl, the eldest brother of Gabriel's grandma Seine Murnik. Leopoldo is therefore grandson of Ode Rakuzim. He and Rebbecca are therefore cousins to Gabriel's mother Sara.

Gabriel Gindel , Argentina


The webpage for Gabriel Gindel, Uruguay. The grandson of pone of the Murnik Sisters from Lithuania. I am not sure right now of the exact connections but I believe that Gabriel's  grandmother was a niece to my great grandmother Amelia. Hopefully we will be able to properly tie these loose threads together soon.

The start of this thread:

This research started when in the mid 1960's, some of the family came over from South America to visit the UK for  trade fair-they were in the toy business- and they wanted to visit wit their family in Glasgow. That means that they had more information than we had at that time.

Starting from L. to R.
Jackie (Hyman's son), Sammy (Morris's son) holding the hand of his wife Annie (nee Rubin),
Rebecca ( Murnik), Solly Harris (husband of Leah daughter of Hyman), Kate (daughter of Hyman)
 and mother of Norma Spector and the Late Ronnie Mark, Elaine (nee Sammeroff) 1st.wife of
Philip and mother of Mark and Darren. Max and Amy (father and mother of Philip and Stanley)

From Gabriel in Buenas Aires: 'This could be my Aunt. The lady with glasses, is
Rebbeca, the eldest daughter of Motl, the brother of my grand ma Seine Murnik.


Indeed the only person that had some info on our side was my great uncle Hyman. Philip Morrison (Cussins)
also remembers that this meeting took place. Marilyn Benson (Coussins , Leslies, daughter) can remember some details as well. Leslie was also an agent for a toy company at that time and she thinks that the reason this meeting took place was that they recognised the name Coussins/Cussins as one of their aunts or great aunts had married a Cussin, Abraham. Our great uncle Hyman was also meeting them as he was the only connection at that time to Murnik through his sister in law, my great grandmother. However speaking Spanish and having no translator, meant that the meeting between our families was not as productive as we would have liked at that time., However they wee very insistent and this came from the family of Gabriel's family

Here are some fascinating images from Gabriel's family album.

Gabriel Gindel. My wife Svetlana visited him in January 2009 in Buenos Aires and took some pictures of Gabriel, Elena and Ushi,  his wife and son.

Gabriel, Elena and Ushi January 2009.

  These are family photographs of Gabriel's Grandmother Seine Murnik




In Zagare 1924-25 aprox.The woman on the left up standing, is MY OTHER GRAND MOTHER, MY FATHERīS MoTHER (Tzile, Celia Beitler in Spanish, like my sisterīs name). This photo can expalin the relationship between my father and my mother. From the left the two women sitting are sisters. One was married with one brother of my grandma in the photo.
The second was the wife of the brother of my grand ma Seine Murnikaite Rakuzim, uncle Motelis, my grand ma Seine was10 years younger of this women. She was a 10 years old girl when this photo was taken. Iīm not sure, but one of the other women is a oldest sister of my grand ma Seine, Frume or Chane. She lived all her life in U.S.S.R .



3 Caption


4 Caption


5. The boy on the right of the photo is Seineīs husband very young at the time he came to South America

Full size to allow for closer examination

You can start to trace some genealogies here, father and mother Ode Rakuzim), and the birth of my mother. Is also the certificate of the legal nationality of Uruguay from 1968 and a certificate of the Lithuanian in exile embassy in Uruguay in the times of the USSR, very rare paper. This ambassador made a lot of documents to the Lithuanian Jewish in Uruguay