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23/08/2016 10:17


We have reduced the home page The reason was that there were very few updates
We have now returned the site to being a reference library. We have managed to locate some
tapes of some of our ancestors and these voices are stored in a link further down the page.
A treasure of memory where we can hear their voices again.

Please feel free to contact Craig or Feivel for any information . However, please see that
everything we presently know about our families are on this website.

If any updates appear these will remain for a short period before being archived.

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A website like this is meant to be full of memories. Both from ourselves and the family who went before us.
We leave traces of memories for the ones behind us. Memories, little jewels of emotion, snippets of happiness and occasionally, reminders of tragedy. Our family website is not to praise the ashes of the departed but to preserve their fire by illuminating our future. Love from Craig

Memories from Feivel Morrison:
Do you remember when the newspapers were put on the washed kitchen floor, or used to be rolled up into little balls and then with added kindling started the fire.
If you went to the fishmonger, they would wrap the fresh fish in newspaper, we bought our fish and chips in newspaper, we would line the shelves with newspaper.
We would read the Yiddish newspapers to find out all the bad news of how the Jews were being treated in Germany and Eastern Europe, then, we would read the English papers to find the good news that the Jews owned the newspapers, the banks, the big stores etc.
Love from Feivel
Stanley Morrison. He was here, he lived, loved and was in turn loved: Feivel sent me this 10 minute slide show of his brother Stanley who died last year.

Featuring both their lives as children, Stanley and his wife Jani with their own children and grandchildren. A very beautiful memory of a man who's life touched so many.

Stanley lived in Vancouver with his family. He was a media and web professional and, as a highly qualified Sensei (8th Dan Karate) also taught Martial Arts to hundreds of young people at his very popular classes.

He will continue to be missed but always loved.


A small family album from 1890 to 2015

I was trying to put together some pictures from my files.
These are only a few and all the rest are already throughout this website.
These are in an album form with captions. It was too long to make into
a slide show without me paying for a software programme to support that.
However, perhaps there is someone out there with such a programme who may like to do this ?

I posted this to the Family Facebook page as it does not show in this family website for some reason.


Zagare Descendants and Others:

There are two purposes to this Update:
1)  an announcement of a commemoration event in Zagare on October 9th (75th anniversary of the Jewish Massacre in 1941), and
2) an update on the project to return the Hebrew 10 commandments to the Red Synagogue in Joniskis

 Zagare Commemoration Event                                           

A Commemoration event has been planned for Sunday, October 9, 2016 at 12:00 Noon: 

Remembering Together -
75 years Commemoration of the Jewish Massacre in Zagare

All are invited to participate in this event.  Lithuania’s chief Rabi Kalev Krelin confirmed his participation.   Final details are currently being worked on.

For more information about this event as details are finalized, including places to stay in and around Zagare, you can contact Valdas Balciunas or Sarah Mitrikė

Please note that the immediate following three links will take you away from this page. Copy and past onto a separate document and refer to these sites after looking at this website.

The home page of the website based in South Africa that has been set up to defend the Jewish Historical items in Lithuania where there now seems to be a growing trend of Holocaust denial.

Welcome to Defending History, the premier web journal in its field. Dozens of authors & sections, hundreds of pages, thousands of posts. All free. So please: When you use DH, remember to cite DH. Thank you for visiting.


The theatre in Vilnius and Lithuania before the Holocaust


A list of Books from Dovid Katz, the leading Lithuanian based historian on the Jews.



Report from our friend Cliff Marks:

Red Synagogue

A while back I wrote to you about the project to return the 10 Commandments to the Red Synagogue in Joniskis.  That project has now been completed.  A big Thank You to those who contributed to this effort: Valdas Balciunas, Sarah Mitrikė, Mark Gordon, Roger Lippman and Rae Levine, Hallie Metzger, Phyllis Caplan, and Matt Black.  This project took a long time to complete but I think it was worth it.  Thanks again to you all.


Those on Face book please like and share the event here to help spread the news:


Dear Zagare Descendants and other friends:
 Many of you are aware of the Red Synagogue in nearby Joniskis:
 After I retired as an urban planner in 2003 I did some volunteer work with the Joniskis Municipality where I helped with their strategic planning prior to Lithuania joining the European Union.  I also got involved in their effort to restore the two former synagogues in Joniskis, a red one and a white one.  When I first entered the Red Synagogue I was amazed to see the Hebrew letters of the 10 Commandments still intact after decades of the building being used as a storage facility during Soviet times: 
 Despite of later obtaining a grant from the World Monument Fund to repair the roof of the Red Synagogue, the building collapsed in 2007:
 Amazingly they obtained funds from several European countries to rebuild the synagogue and restore the interior but not the Hebrew letters.  Shown here is what the interior looks like today:
 I have been working with the Jewish Community in nearby Siauliai who has received approval from the Joniskis Municipality to re-install the tablets of the 10 Commandments if outside funding can be obtained.  This would truly complete the restoration.  Shown here is a picture of a mock-up of one of the tablets prepared by the contractor chosen by the Siauliai Jewish Community:
 So now comes the fund raising pitch.  The bid from the contractor is 1,490 Euros, approximately  $1,650.  I think this money can be raised by us descendants and other interested parties.  I have arranged with the World Monument Fund to handle the donations.  This way the donations can be tax deductible for American citizens.  This is how I propose to handle this:  if you are interested in contributing please send me an email by March 17 and I will send you the information on how you can contribute.  We are looking to receive all the donations by the end of April. The amount you contribute will be only between you and the WMF, neither I nor any other private party will know the specific amount. Thanks very much for your consideration.
 For those who I met in Zagare last September for the Jewish Culture Days it was a great time to meet.  Maybe I will see some of you next summer at the IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy meeting in Seattle.
 Very best regards to all,
 Cliff Marks

Here are some photos of the finished project 



Before                                                          After restoration


I managed to put together some tapes that I found of my brother Ray playing. My friend Kevin Baillie, a Video and Media professional, transcribed these into a format that was easier to download and play. These tapes are the 1980's recordings and each are connected by a dropbox link. These should be easily accessed by clicking the link.

Raymond Coussins started playing from a very early age being one of the youngest people to achieve Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music. At age 12 he was already a guest pianist with the Scottish Philharmonic and he went on to study and develop his skills as a Jazz Pianist while always retaining his love for Classical. Ray has his own website hosted on the this site:

This is George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. My brother Ray Coussins and the Minnesota Youth Orchestra. Filmed in 2012. The Bass Player is 14 years old and is also the lead Alto Sax in the Orchestra. We should all support the musical talent that are the youth in our schools music programmes, a programme some schools so easily cut to save money...but to what end? Include the kids by helping them to to get involved in community orchestras. Music makes peace, not guns. Perhaps you will consider sharing this thought.

Ray came to America over 30 years ago to work in the Club of Jilly Rizio, Jillys Saloon.

Ray met some of New York's and Americas most famous musicians including Errol Garner who would sometimes  sit beside him and play. He came to the attention of Jillys long time friend Frank Sinatra who subsequently employed Ray during Rays years in Las Vegas to play at his many events. Some of this were  public and almost every one of Mr Sinatra's private events where Ray met many of his musical heroes and songwriters.

Moving from Vegas to Vegas on the high seas, Ray now plays for Princess Cruise Lines where he holds a star Spot with his show Tribute to Sinatra'

(Rizzo opened Jilly's Saloon, a lounge on West 49th Street, then moved to 256 West 52nd Street at the intersection with Eighth Avenue in Manhattan. Jilly's Saloon was a popular celebrity hangout in the 1960s. Rizzo's long-time friend Frank Sinatra frequented the lounge. Rizzo later became one of Sinatra's chief aides. Rizzo was also a frequent guest on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, where he would recite one liners in his monotone New York accent.)

I also located a video shot by a guest of Princess Cruise Lines.
This is a short video of the incredible Ray Coussins. 
This video was taken with a camera and so the quality is not that great but he was incredible.
He is performing George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue.

An early recording from a 1967 song: Mercy Mercy Mercy

Ray Coussins - One mint julep -

I keep forgetting - Mercury Mod RnB Soul 45

Christmas Night, Sapphire Princess Cruise, 2010 Part one and two

Ray Coussins featuring Kwame M. Remy "Mr. Bojangles"2012

Misty performed by Ami Tapper(vocals) and Ray Coussins (piano) 2013

And now the 1980/s recently discovered recordings






Monday 23rd November:

Our joint and heartfelt condolences to my sister in law Suzanne Coussins whose mum just died last week. Her father, the very lovely Ken, is in a very serious state having suffered a serious physical breakdown. He is 89 so we hope that his recovery will be soon and we hope that Suzanne and Paul's stress levels will be short.

The expression in Modern Hebrew is הַחְלָמָה מְהִירָה – / re'fu'â sh'lema literally, a speedy recovery.

4th of March 2016:

We would like to offer the family of our cousins
the Bensons our deepest condolences on the
passing of their oldest daughter Beverly.

We send our support and wish then a long life, 
Biz hundert un tsvantsik 
to Marlyn, Eric and
their youngest daughter Lauren at this sad time.
I have sent this email to a specific group of immediate
family and those that have met Marilyn recently. 

Please pass this on to other whom you know are aware of Marlyn and Erics Children.
Beverly Benson:  daughter of Marlyn and Eric, Marlyn daughter of
Leslie and Sylvia Coussins. Brothers Jack, Leslie and Harry Coussins,
three sons of Louis Robert Coussins son of Abraham Cusson
May Beverly be at peace.שָׁלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶם


Pappa(Louis Coussins)        Brother-Tommy              Thomas's Wife Esther-      Harry,Pam Denise and Ricky

And further to a request, here are the complete MP3 copies of the Coussins family tapes from 1967 to 1969 as sent to me when I was in both South Africa and in Israel. I was still a fairly young kid at that time living in South Africa for almost four years but I certainly had an interesting life with many adventures and some memories to think about, good and bad. Some I regret and had to learn to live with. Not all perfect by any means but a life that was mostly interesting. Strange to think that was almost 50 years ago, half a century

Coussins Family Tapes 1967 -1969


Try this out. I hope it works. I have managed to trace a long lost tape with the voices of Esther and Tommy Coussins who lived in Israel dating from 1967.

Followed by Louis Robert Coussins, my grandfather whom we called Pappa, speaking to me on the best way to look after his garden and fruit. He was a great raconteur and story teller  who amused and educated his family and especially his grandchildren. An amazing horticulturist, he grew beautiful flowers and fruit at their home in Southwick, Sussex. Then my grandmother Rebecca (Leba) Coussins whose Edinburgh accent never left her. After this Pappa speaks for a while then we have Harry Coussins, my uncle and my fathers brother. Harry was more than that to me as he was a personal friend and confident. We spent a lot of time together when I lived in London and he was going through a state of flux after separating from Pam. He found deep solace and everlasting friendship when he met the equally wonderful Josie with whom he spent the rest of his life. Harry and I were really close. His first wife Pamela, Ricky and Denises mother, then speaks, with her amazing and almost BBC English RADA voice followed by my lovely cousin Ricky, their son. All living in the Southwick Sussex area Brighton during the 1960's.


Esther and Tommy Cussins.


Leba and Louis Coussins

Pam, Ricky, Harry and Denise Coussins

The Gorbals:

While our two Racussin brothers Hyman and Abraham, immigrants from Zagares in the early 1890's,  settled in the Gorbals in Glasgow, some of the family went to South America, some to Russia and others to equally exotic Manchester in England.

However, I was also pointed in the direction of an article by Ian R. Mitchell on the Gorbals History and here is an extract;


A little south Cavendish Street, where Eglinton Street and the Gorbals - ends at St Andrews Cross, lies a row of rather scruffy shops. Here until 1992 one of the premises housed the offices of the Jewish Echo, Glasgow's own English-language weekly Jewish newspaper, published since 1928, when it replaced earlier Yiddish publications. As the Glasgow middle classes left Laurieston, their houses became sub let and occupied by new arrivals, amongst whom the Jews from eastern Europe were to be the most prominent. By 1885 half the children at Gorbals Primary School were Jewish. The community about 10,000 souls - was large enough to support the building of a synagogue in South Portland Street, the establishment of a Talmud Torah school and a Zionist reading room. But organisations which integrated the Jews into Glasgow life were also founded, such as the Oxford Star Football team, and the Jewish Lads Brigade, which boasted the only all-Jewish pipe band in the world. Greens Kosher Hotel in Abbotsford Place was a point of arrival or transit for many Jews fleeing persecution first from Czarist Russia and then from Nazi Germany. Glasgow Council organised meetings in 1892 to protest against persecution of the Jews in Russia, and in 1933 boycotted German goods in protest against Hitlers anti-Semitism. Many of the Jews worked in the sweated trades and were active in the early trades union and socialist movement, like Manny Shinwell Glasgow's adoptive Jew and Red Clydesider, while others like Isaac Woolfson made their mark on the business world or in the arts, such as the sculptor Benno Schotz.

Gorbals street 1890

At the gushet of St Andrews Cross, Pollokshaws Road leads back north towards the Gorbals, passing the fine old Abbotsford School (up for sale) on our left, set amidst piecemeal housing development and land that has lain derelict for over 30 years before arriving at Gorbals Street, where we enter territory with a much more ancient pedigree than Laurieston, which we have just walked through.

The Gorbals has medieval origins, and was at one time Glasgow's leper colony. It grew to a population of 5000 by 1800, and had swelled to 36,000 by the time it was annexed by Glasgow in 1846. At this time Gorbals Cross was still a cluster of buildings many dating from the seventeenth century. But the old baronial dwellings had been subdivided into festering slums and the back lands were breeding grounds of squalor. This situation worsened when Gorbals became one of the favoured settlement areas for the impoverished Irish immigrants who poured into Scotland from the 1840s. One observer commented,

We are really grieved to part with some of these old landmarks of the city, and we cannot help urging the proprietors of such houses as exist to pay some little attention to them, and above all to prevent them falling prey to the hordes of Irish immigrants who have a fancy to burrow in these ancient spots.

But those which did not fall into ruin were swept away by the City Improvement Trust from the 1870s, and by 1900 the area around Gorbals Street was entirely tenement built. The amazing thing is that this Gorbals too has almost totally vanished in its turn. On Gorbals Street remains one empty and derelict tenement, and nothing else, except at its southern end a pub which brazenly states its allegiances to Celtic F.C. (unsurprising given the fact that Celtic greats Pat Crerand and Charlie Gallacher hailed from the Gorbals though its most famous sporting son was the boxer Benny Lynch, now commemorated in Benny Lynch Court in Hutchiesontown), and the shell of the former Citizens Theatre, which has had its exterior in the form of a set of statues, moved inside for safe keeping! 

Links:Gorbals Images-


Gorbals images -2:

Feivel and I have always said that having a photo to remind us of happy times helps to keep the memories that were shared with us through our loved ones, to remain alive and to continue to be part of not only our own lives but right through to those in and from our families that follow us.

A very nice lady sent this to me today while going through her mums personal; effects. It was of the lady’s mother when she was 4 and in the Sadie Simpson School of Dancing back in 1934. They were doing one of her staged weddings, a popular item on her dance displays for many years. When someone in Royalty got married there was always a big thing in the news and n Radio and then television. The Sadie Simpson School usually replicated this as a current act with the smaller kids. I was cupid in one and so were my two brothers at some stage. I even have a film of one of these weddings with Paul aged around three dancing around in his little silk cupid with a bow made from a coat hanger. Mind you I also have one of these as a studio shot with me in a similar costume. Surprised that wearing all this costumes that we did not grow up as a mannish depressives with delusions of gender.

I was looking through my late mothers things and I have a little something to show you from my mums childhood that she absolutely treasured.  A picture from the Daily Record showing a wedding scene from Miss Sadie Simpsons pupils dancing display held in St Mungos Halls (I've looked that up - seems it was a beautiful building in Ballater Steet).  
My mums name was Elizabeth (Elsie) Scott and she was always proud to tell me that she was the bride - the littlest girl in the front ️.  This must have been 1933/34.

Hope it is of interest to you - my mum was very proud of it

I replied: “How wonderful this is to see my mother...standing on the extreme right hand side. 1933-34?

She just met my father, Jack Coussins, around then so this would be before she got married in 1938.

This is, indeed, such a beautiful memory that I can share with my family all over the world.

We have a family archive which forms part of our genealogy research. I have been working on this, sometimes thankless, task for nearly 20 years but getting these sparkling jewels is like finding lost treasure and I truly thank you so very much for thinking about sending this to us.

Anything else that you can add to our trove of memories will be extremely well received.


Published on Oct 15, 2015
By Eitan Chitayat :: Lest any Jew forgets – because of all the violence directed at us, the hatred,
the incitement to kill, the vile words, the missiles, the rockets, the knives, the rocks, the deafening
silence of the world that we all feel right now – we should be proud of our heritage, accomplishments and spirit.
Just like anyone else on this planet. And we shouldn’t be shy about it.
Rise up, speak up and keep your chins up. We'll get through this because we love life and we're strong and smart and funny and beautiful and talented and resilient and educated and hard-working and positive and so much more.
We’re okay. In fact, we’re more than okay. 
We rock. Here's a little reminder.
Love and peace to all, click to see the video of images

From the Zagare Facebook pages I have gleaned some interesting images:


The New Zagares Market place. Surrounded by Barber shops, Hotels and workshops.
This was the central market of the entire region where even petrol was sold despite only being one car.

Old Zagare and New Zagare had by this time circa 1910 become one town.


       Zigels Watermill

Helene Borøchstein Bjørbak Fantastic for me to see the old days of my grandfathers hometown.

Even if I know there were hard days, big families, lot of work, it looks romantic !

 The old houses, like a painting of Chagall or an illustration as in the "Fiddler on the roof" !

Žydų kultūros dienos Žagarėje, 2015 rugsėjo 9-11 d.
Jewish Culture Days in Zagare, September 9-11, 2015

The Jewish Family Pages-Zagare:

Zagare Culture Days Page:

and here:

The Girl From Human Street: A south African tells the story of his family who came from Zagare Audio of his story; Cut and paste into your address line to connect to the audio

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="290" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> 

Interview Highlights

On becoming aware of his mother's depression

My mother, shortly after we immigrated, immediately after my younger sister's birth, broke down. She had what was then called post-puerperal psychosis, now generally called postpartum depression. And she had insulin shock treatment (a treatment since completely discredited) — this in the late '50s in England — and electroshock treatment. It was only in researching the book that I finally was able to put dates and times on this. I now know, for example, that on Aug. 1, 1958, one day before my third birthday, she had this treatment.

But she came back to the family after an intimate absence of a couple of years. And a great effort was put into preserving an appearance of normality. I was not consciously aware of what had happened to my mother until, in my late teens, she began to become mentally unstable again and was manic depressive for the rest of her life. She first tried to commit suicide when I was 22.

On the genesis of The Girl From Human Street

It was a box in the attic. And in it were my mother's suicide notes. And my dad was a doctor, and there was a pretty detailed chronology of what had happened. And there was a family tree that he'd obviously made in a moment of desperation, with black dots next to every family member who had suffered from manic depression. There were more relatives with black dots than without them.

I began to think about how this family condition had been hidden within my own family. And then there was a wider story of our displacements with each generation and the trauma, if you like, of losing a home, of upheaval, of beginning again.

On growing up Jewish in apartheid South Africa


My parents were South African Jews. They'd come from Lithuania, [but] they grew up [in South Africa]. My dad came to England as a young doctor at the end of World War II, then went back. And he abhorred apartheid. He was actually the dean of the last black house within the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. And then he saw how, as a result of apartheid, black students were no longer able to attend, and that, for him, was the last straw.

I lived there as an infant and then would go back every year, and there was always this faint menace in the horizon. That blacks were going to rise up and sweep away these beautiful homes where I stayed in Johannesburg. And I remember cousins saying to me, "Enjoy the swimming pools — next year they'll be red with blood." And I didn't quite get it. Sometimes I would sit on the wrong bench or wander into the wrong place. Because I was part of South Africa, but I wasn't from there.

And of course, one of the particularities of apartheid was that blacks were banished except in the most intimate of settings: the home, the family. More or less, every white family had black staff. And I would wonder why these utensils were set apart, and I would see [the black workers] going to sleep in these little concrete outhouses with their baleful single windows. So there was this combination of intimacy, of closeness, and of threat, fear, menace, always out there. It gave me a profound abhorrence of this evil.

You know, I spent a lot of time in the Middle East. I don't think Israel practices apartheid. ... When it comes to Palestinians, some people use that phrase. But there are echoes. You know, when you're in the West Bank, and you're on the road, and it says, "Only for Jews, only for settlers, only for Israelis and not for Palestinians," those echoes are there. And it's one of the reasons why I'm a Zionist who believes very strongly that Zionism must involve two states for two peoples.

On coming to America, and whether it's easier to assimilate here

It is easier ... that's why I love it. That's why I became an American citizen. You can't imagine what a relief it was as a Jew to arrive in New York City.

The bright star, as I think I put it in the book, of immigration, of moving on, is new opportunity. And its black sun is loss. The loss of a home, the loss of a country, the loss of a community. And for some people, the project of beginning again is overwhelming. It's too much. That was the case with my mother. Even in America, for me, it's hard.

But even the most open of European societies has nothing like the openness of the United States, which is a country that is still — in my view — endlessly enriched by immigration.

Roger Cohen is an international affairs and diplomacy columnist for The New York Timesi

Roger Cohen is an international affairs and diplomacy columnist forThe New York Times

Rebecca Ring/Courtesy of Knopf Doubleday

Read an excerpt from his book here|:



A new picture of their lovely daughter Nessa Abigail  from Daniel
and Elina Morrison sent in by Feivel Morrison, Nessa Abigail Grandfather:


To Daniel and Elina, a Daughter
Born 10.45 pm on Sunday 8th March 2015
Her name is Nessa (Miracle in Hebrew) Abigail (fathers Joy in Hebrew
My beautiful daughter in law, who just had a baby girl 12 days ago,
her twin sister just gave birth to a beautiful girl. Isn't that amazing,
just 12 days between both of them. Mazeltov to our family

From the hospital to the home, a short photo essay introducing Nessa Abigail to our world.

From all of us  to the newer members of our family. we wish you a long and happy life.

מַזָּל טוֹב (נַטְרֵיה רַחֲמָנָא וּבַרְכֵיה (נ - Natreih Raamana u-varkhei

Поздравляем с новорожденным


This week:



From Meradyth in California we have received some more images
to add to information on our cousin Billy Curtis.
Here is his page link:

These are thumbnail Pix-Click for larger images.
I will ask Meradyth to send me a full size resolution
 image for the Poster in case anyone would like to print that out.


Dear Mishpoche....first pics of our happiest day of our lives in year...The Barmitzve of our son Osher Simche..(Ushi).
From Gabriele Gindel, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Please go to our link here for the images of this which for us was a wonderful day.

Ḥazak ve-emaẓ.חֲזַק וֶאֱמָץ Be strong and of good courage.Love from your family in the UK





Wednesday, 7 January 2015, 23:09

Subject: New year news From Cliff Marks, Seattle

To Zagare Descendants and other interested people:
I have three items in this email:
1. Information about the 2015 Jewish Cultureal Days in Zagare in September
2. Roger Cohen’s new book
3. New information on the Zagare KehilaLinks website
 Jewish Cultural Days
We have heard from Valdas Balciunas that there will be a major event in Zagare next September.  Here is what Valdas has written:
Just a quick note to inform that 2015 Jewish Culture Days are set for September 9th  -10th - 11th. As Zagare is capital of culture of Lithuania for 2015 the event will be of national importance. The organisers of the event are: Zagare regional park office (that is now moving into the newly renovated palace), the Jewish Public Library Fund run by Zilvinas Beliauskas, and Valdas Balciunas. The Siauliai and Vilnius Jewish communities will participate. We are also expecting the participation of the new Israeli ambassador who starts the office from January 2015 in Vilnius.
The schedule is not yet fully confirmed due to financing application that is due to be evaluated by the end of February. In any case, the event will take place, just the scope may differ.
We plan to do some work on the cemeteries and the mass grave through the year the results of which would be presented on the 9th. The 10th and 11th would be devoted for Jewish heritage, literature, music, history, cinema, cuisine and a lot of discussions, of course. We therefore kindly request all of you to put these dates into your calendars and we very much look forward to meeting you in Zagare in September!!! 
Also, there will be two main opportunities for participation:
1. Presenting your works to the public (writers, producers, artists etc.). We kindly request people to think about your presentation/speech to present your works for the wider Jewish and Lithuanian communities during the event. If it happens that you can not come we will present your works anyway (with your permission, of course). A letter or a video message or video conference via internet could be arranged. We will discuss this through the course of the year but please think about it.
2. A Jewish Zagare history book (all participants).  We request all participants to put together a 2 page (can be longer) family story before the event and send it to us. This collection will be assembled and printed out before the event and will be handed out to all participants and guests to take home. This will be a perfect material and another page in the Jewish Zagare's history we will create together. Everything matters: names, stories, photos, etc., etc.
So much for now. We will await for your suggestions and ideas.
With kind regards, 
Valdas Balciunas


Roger Cohen’s New Book
A new book by Zagare descendant and New York Times columnist, Roger Cohen, is about to be published.  The book is titled "The Girl from Human Street: Ghosts of Memory in a Jewish Family".  It will be out on January 13th  from Knopf in New York and January 29th from Bloomsbury in London.  Here is the link to the book on Amazon:
And here is part of a blurb from Amazon:
Cohen's grandparents emigrated to South Africa in the late 1800's from small towns in Lithuania whose Jewish residents were later murdered by the Nazis. The author tells in excruciatingly details, the story of his family and the history of the times and places that shaped them. He visits what's left of the Lithuania towns as he seeks stories from those who lived through the Nazi and Russian rules, and who still remain. Cohen writes of atrocities in his grandparent's former town; how the women were forced to abort pregnancies; how Jews were rounded up; how Jews killed newborn infants. Cohen's family looks to the future and tries to forge new identities diluting meaning from their pasts.
Finally,  I have attached is a Q&A with Roger about the book.  

New material on Website
There is some new material on the Zagare Kehilalinks website, including travelogues, material on the memorial plaque dedication in 2012, and the Rightous Among the Nations ceremony in 2013:
And, as many of you may know, there is also a Facebook Jewish Zagare page started by our friend Valdas:
Maybe some of us will meet in Zagare in September. 

BTW, if you ever have problems reaching me by email you might try my other address:  
Best regards, 


From a bitter sweet visit to Canada to  receiving the most wonderful
Shona Tova card from our daughter-in-law Elina and  our son Daniel.
Scroll down
may we always be blessed. With our love  Shabbat Shalom

From Feival and Denise Morrison

Shortly after Feivels visit to his Brother, on the 20th of November 2014, Stan passed away in the arms of his family.


Stanley, my young brother is no more. He passed away peacefully in the arms of his wife and partner, Jani, in the early hours of Thursday morning 20th November in Vancouver
Married to Jani for over 40 years and giving him three daughters, Jackie, Cigalle and Gali, a son Allon and blessed with seven grandchildren, those were his assets, he always said, but the love and respect between he and his wife, was the glue that put it all together.
I enjoyed the times they came to Glasgow and stayed with us, before going off to Bristol to see their daughter Gali and her 2 young sons, then off to Montreal to see their daughter Jackie and her three daughters.
Not to forget his sons in law and daughter in law, to whom he was loved and respected.
Finally, to Jani, for being his wife, loving mother to their children, great, loving and kind sister in law to Denise and I, further more, I know he was safe, comfortable and secure in your arms in his final moments, as he always knew he would be.
We will miss him terribly, but I would say to him, how beautiful it was to be loved by you.
May you all have a sweet, safe Shabbat  and hold your loved ones that little bit closer.
Shabbat Shalom
Philip and Denise :November-2014


Stanley Morrison, Rest in Peace. You will always be with us dear Stan.

September 2014:

Feival visited his brother Stanley, last week in Vancouver. Stanley has been diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis  (ALS)  known in the UK as Motor Neuron Disease.  As this is a terminal disease, it was naturally very important for Feival to make this sweet and sour visit. We are all with you Stanley and our thoughts for you and your beautiful family are uppermost in our minds.

I want to write long tracts of words that translate my emotions. Words that try to explain what it is that I feel

It is pointless other than three words  that really say everything that I want to say to Stanley and Feival. 

I love you.


A writer that I have enjoyed is Annie Dillard. She is known for her narrative prose in fiction and non fiction.

She does not have a huge output and writes quality rather than quantity.

Her 1974 work Pilgrim at Tinker Creek won the 1975 Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction

"Write as if you were dying.
At the same time, assume you write for an audience consisting solely of terminal patients.

That is, after all, the case. What would you begin writing if you knew you would die soon?

What could you say to a dying person that would not enrage by its triviality?"

Annie Dillard



Joel appeared in his schools play at the 2014 festival in Edinburgh. It was his last performance before studying in Dublin later this year.  is a photomontage page of his show.

Ricky, Joel, Rachel, Sharon and Feival.

More pix on the Link but here are some meantime:




Sharon, Rachel, Ricky and Joel Coussins at Rachel's Batmitsvah in January 2014


2014: A small gathering of the Coussins family Ricky&Sharon Coussins. Paul &Suzanne Coussins and Pauls daughter Carly Coussins. Ricky and Paul are the great grandsons of Abraham Coussins
They were joined by Feival and Denise Morrison , son Daniel and his wife Elena. Feival is the grandson of Abrahams brother Hyman.
The family met for lunch in London  in January after Ricky and Sharons daughter Rachel Coussins Batmitsvah.


This is a terracotta group dating from the 18th century. It s of a trio of Zapushniks. I had a new stand made for the group. Why? Well one of the professions that we as Coussins.Cussins etc seem to have undertaken is shoe making and shoe repair-The Russian for Shoe  repairer is Zapushnik. We have a long line of Zapushniks in the family including myself , a Zapushnik for almost 50 years. I recently retired but my speciality was making ballet, Highland and Irish Dance Shoes. And yes, I am proud to say that a Coussins did indeed make nearly all the shoes for Riverdance and the like. And that's no blarney either. My website for the retired is here, in case you need to trip the light fantastic. 'I can get it for you wholesale!'

(You can click the thumbnail of the terracotta group to make it full size)

We really need some new updates or this page will become redundant folk. Literally. This is not just a site for Feivel and me.

I have offered up a new PowerPoint presentation to try to keep the website alive.

Keeping this website, an extremely large undertaking, is both time consuming and costly so please support

this by sending me images and updates we can publish for the family.  In the short term please send Feival and me a email to confirm interest.

Coussins family pages:

New link to PowerPoint presentation on building our tree

Click on link:

Click on Slide show which is the 7th heading  across on the top list of the window

this makes a wee drop down choice and on the extreme left then click on From beginning -Craig


Passover 5773, Feival Morrison, Myrna Balin, Denise Morrison, Svetlana and Craig Coussins

"Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit."

-- Khalil Gibran                                                                         

Here are some pix from Denises side of the Family
Below is the Coussins Family in Brighton circa 1953

Sunday 18th August 2013

Craig had a visit from his Grandchildren Hannah, Jessica and Sophie.
The children of his daughter Rebecca and her husband Chris.

My son Keith and grandson Max who visited me in March 2012


August 2011:

from left to right Elena(Elinas' mother) Denise, Philip, Ilya (Elinas' Father) Diana(Ilyas' second wife) Daniel and Elina

My son Daniel has just got engaged to Elina and this was the first time that the families had met each other


Update: They got married of course. The wedding was held in Israel and the couple are now living happily in London. Our dearest blessings of happiness go to them



26th September 2011

With the Rugby World Cup coming up in New Zealand, the Olympics in the UK, the Soccer World Cup qualifying rounds, needless to say, most wives, fiancees and girl friends will be banished from the big Plasma 3D TV with Stereophonic sound and sent to the small room with the 15" black and white to watch either Oprah Winfrey, Big Brother or some other meaningless reality show, whilst the males watch grown men kicking a ball around whilst getting the their teeth knocked out and their legs kicked from under them.

Now I ask you, who is more intelligent. So I expect a lot of replies defending your position on the above. No doubt, our South African family members will support the gentle, touching and loving game of Rugby, yah, well, no, fine, as will our Argentinian and Uruguayan family, whilst our English and Scottish family will support the delightful, fair, intellectual players of Soccer. The American side of the family hasn't a clue about Rugby or Soccer, but they do have a game called football, where even if one does not handle the ball, he can be knocked to hell and back by a 6'4" linebacker weighing 240lbs and carrying another 25lbs of leather shoulder padding. Then again, we have the Canadian family members, who don't play anything except Ice Hockey and where if they can't find a Hockey Puck, they just play with someones head they just knocked off with a Hockey Stick

Ah, the joys of being Jewish, where the worst can happen is to get pins and needles in your tuchas (behind) whilst playing Bridge, Kaluki (40down), Clabiash, Peenuckle or Chess.

And on that note, I wish you all a safe, wonderfully joyous and loving Shabbat.

Philip, Denise, Daniel and Elina

26th August 2011

I have decided to come clean on my religious beliefs.

I go to Shul (Synagogue) regularly, every Shabbat and every High Holiday, I wear Teffilim (Phylacteries: that's the little black boxes you see on the forehead and arm of Jewish men at prayer during the week).

My Tallit (Prayer Shawl) is old and covers my head and shoulders and is very heavy with the tradition and guilt of thousands of years of persecution and when I see the photographs of Jews murdered in their Prayer Shawls during the Pogroms in Russia or Lithuania or in Poland and in many other countries, then it is good enough for me to wear it in their name and not necessarily G-ds.

And so to the reason I am coming clean is as follows. I am convinced about the tradition, but not so about the Dogma and that is the riddle wrapped in the enigma.

I am so happy about the tradition because it's more about love, happiness, warmth and Roast Chicken (Here I go with the chicken again), whereas, the Dogma is about destroyed temples, sacrifices, wandering in the desert for more than 40 years and then being handed in tablet format (not PDF) a bunch of commandments about, thou shalt not do this or that, altogether unhappy events, not all, but most.

So, as I sit in my usual seat, trying to figure all this out, gold is now $1850 an ounce, Greece has gone Mechula (Bankrupt), riots in London, fighting in Lybia, massacres in Syria, starvation and drought in Africa and Footballers earning £300 thousand a week, maybe it's not a bad idea wearing the Prayer Shawl and Teffilim and forgetting this Meshugga(crazy) world we are in for a few hours every day.

Therefore, on a Shabbat as this, take time to look at the peace you have with your family around you, the love you share, and the Roast Chicken (again)

I wish all of you good health and joy

Shabbat Shalom

Philip, Denise, Daniel and Elina

July 2011

My Zaide*, my dearest Zaide,

I loved you, still do, still cry unashamedly every now and then thinking of you. Never was scared with you around, certainly got scared when you weren't.

I never asked you about your more than 70 years marriage with Bobba, I just remember how dignified you were at her passing, standing straight and tall, with only the tears running down your face suggesting any pain. She loved your children and grandchildren, Zaide, kept them warm, well fed and clean and that is almost all a man wants from his wife, the fact that you did a lot of the cooking would circumvent anyone remarking that you were a little chauvinistic, a little like most of the Coussin/Coussins /Cussin men. I too miss her so very much. When she would wrap her arms around me and whisper "Feivele mein Feivele, Dof gayin meshugga ober dir."*

I am writing this Zaide, to tell you, we do not and will not forget you and in essence, to remind your grandchildren, great grandchildren, great-great grandchildren, that nothing lasts forever and to talk to their grandpas and grandmas, listen to them and above all love them.

My brother Stanley and I always talk about our holidays with you and Bobba, be it on cruise ships or in Switzerland, always trying to educate us on the better things in life and how to dress British and think Yiddish ha ha. You were always about family, especially your brothers, Morris and Abraham (Shai) your nieces and nephews I remember how close you were to your sons, and daughters.

Craig, the great- grandson of your brother Abraham has a special place in his heart for his family and keeps the family tree and all its progeny alive with memories of those we have lost along the way.

So and on behalf of you, Zaide and Bobba, (Hyman and Annie ) Abraham and Millie, Morris and Bessie. Odie and Abraham, to all of us, from you and your children, a hearty

Shabbat Shalom

Philip, Denise, Mark, Darren, Daniel and Elina
* Zaide= Grandpa
* Bobba= Grandma
* Feivel= Philip
* Dof gayin meshugga ober dir= I am crazy for you
*L'Chaim= To life

Obituary: Shabbat 24th Tishrei
Sadly, my dear Mother-in-law. passed away in  Johannesburg South Africa on this Shabbat 24th Tishrei. Denise's mother, Rene ( Rivka Rochel bat Tzvi Hirsch) was a very special lady and I will miss her very much. as of course will all her daughters and sons-in-law grand-children and great-grand-children. She dedicated her life to her family and to those less fortunate than she, but above all, she never judged anyone and saw good in all.
She saw the role she had to play and she and members of her family were active in helping the disenfranchised of South Africa. Although never outspoken, she  went quietly about her task with patience, dignity and kindness.
May Her Dear Soul Rest In Peace

Philip, Denise and Daniel
October 2010, Glasgow

A new daughter, Emma, was born to Gari and Ina Coussins, Pretoria South Africa on February 5th 2011. Here is Papa Raymond with his new granddaughter, Emma is the new sister to Sarah.

Gari has a sister Dani who is married to Justin Hervey in Capetown and they have two children Isla and Jack

Raymond with granddaughters Emma and Sarah and Dad Gari-exhausted. Mazeltov to the South African Coussins and Herveys

Craig's granddaughters visited him at the end of December 2010:

Hannah(5) Jessica (3) and Sophie who was born in October.


UPDATE: September 2010
click for picture to print out

Craig and Svetlana Coussins had the pleasure of meeting Feival's brother Stanley and his lovely wife Jani. They were on their way to their see their new grandchild in Glastonbury


 Craig and Svieta welcomed
Philip and Stanley Morrison to their home Sept 2010. Stanly and wife Janie live in Vancouver and visited Feival &Denise                                                                              

















Jani Morrison, wife of Stanley, brother of Feival with her fifth grandchild. The Baby’s name is Oren Fionn Mehhan and is the child of Micheal and Gali who live in Glastonbury UK  Mazeltov to the whole family from all of us


45 things to help make your life worth living:

1. Life isn't fair, but it's still good.
2. When in doubt, just take the next small step.
3. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.
4. Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and parents will. Stay in touch.
5. Pay off your credit cards every month.
6. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.
7. Cry with someone. It's more healing than crying alone.
8. It's OK to get angry with God. He can take it.
9. Save for retirement starting with your first paycheck.
10. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.
11. Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present.
12. It's OK to let your children see you cry.
13. Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
14. If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn't be in it.
15. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don't worry; God never blinks.
16. Take a deep breath. It calms the mind.
17. Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful.
18. Whatever doesn't kill you really does make you stronger.
19. It's never too late to have a happy childhood. But the second one is up to you and no one else
20. When it comes to going after what you love in life, don't take no for an answer...
21. Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie.. Don't save it for a special occasion. Today is special.
22.. Over prepare, then go with the flow
23. Be eccentric now. Don't wait for old age to wear purple.
24. The most important sex organ is the brain.
25. No one is in charge of your happiness but you.
26. Frame every so-called disaster with these words 'In five years, will this matter?'
27. Always choose life.
28. Forgive everyone everything.
29. What other people think of you is none of your business..
30. Time heals almost everything. Give time time.
31. However good or bad a situation is, it will change.
32. Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.
33. Believe in miracles.
34. God loves you because of who God is, not because of anything you did or didn't do.
35. Don't audit life. Show up and make the most of it now.
36. Growing old beats the alternative -- dying young.
37. Your children get only one childhood.
38. All that truly matters in the end is that you loved.
39. Get outside every day. Miracles are waiting everywhere.
40. If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back.
41. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.
42. The best is yet to come.....
43. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.
44. Yield.
45. Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's still a gift."

Friends are the family that we choose for ourselves

Regina Brett, 90 years old, and journalist at The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio.




Shabbat Pages and messages-occasionally updated but always archived...........................................................Click this section

Old Shabbat page is still here

My grandfather is Aizekas Mendelsonas, (Isaac Mendelson) he is Jewish and lived in Zagare for most of his life, probably you heard about him or even met him. Unfortunately due to age and not so strong health he currently lives in Vilnius.I am also living in Vilnius. Here is some pictures from Zagare which I tooklast summer:
Best wishes,Tomas Mendelsonas (Mendelson)

Dear Tomas
thanks for the message about your grandfather. I first met him in 1994, and again on two other visits. when i asked him if he knew my father's cousin, Grunjia Kantor, he had tears in his eyes, they grew up together. he showed me where they had lived, and he was pleased to know that she was still alive ( she died a year ago in Israel) at that time. He told me the story of how he escaped on his bicycle aged 16, when the killing started, and joined the Red Army, then showed his uniform and medals. The extraordinary story of how he found the man ( who had been at school with him) who had killed your family and what he then did to the man.  We spent almost a day with him and your grandmother, and I have a lot of what he told us on video. He is a true hero of the Holocaust. 

Please give my my best wishes, our guide was Chaim Bargman. If he remembers me. 
Saul issroff

We are also grateful to Mike Cave who visited Zagare and Rigain 2004 for his photographs which we have made into a slide show here:

Mike will soon comment on his visit:


Welcome to the Cussin, Coussin, Coussins, Morrison, Racusin, Rakusin and related family website

Check out the archive file here where all your favourite items, humorous and informative are stored safely

Here they are in the archive pages-click lines




Abe and brother Hyman Cussin   Bother Morris Cussin and wife Betsy





Franji and her father Danny Coussin;
Craigs GFLouis's bro' Tommy was Danny's father

 Anna Cussin           



Photo Links
General Family Pix 1879-2010 Click for full size image with descriptions on most pix


Ray Coussins Marlyn Benson and Feival       Feival at Jewish Archives 
 Ricky and Craig Coussins Abrahams great grandsons and his sister Denise Abe's GGdaughter along with Ricky and wife's Sharons Children, visited us-in Edinburgh. Marlyn is also Abe's GGD, Feival  is Abe's brother Hyman's grandson


The Trees
The Family Tree for Rakusin
dating from the 17th Century

This is the full size tree that can be viewed when
© this tree is
copyright and can not be used in any capacity without
permission from the copyright holder Craig Coussins

A great deal of time and considerable expense to
research and was spent make this tree and that is why
we can not allow this to leave our copyright unless it is
agreed in writing. This tree is therefore for the benefit of
the families to which we are directly connected and no
one else.

Click on a tree to go to the page Documents.htm 

This details the links down for Abraham Simon Cussin and Millie Moscovitch Murnik-A guideline tree

Family names
We are trying to establish the tree from
the descendants of Hirsh HaCohen who was born
about 1641 in Lithuania.

The difficulties of pre 18th Century research Discussion page

Abraham, Morris and Hyman,
brothers from Zagare. 
Who we are is their gift to us and who we become is our gift to them

Philip Morrison.       

Tree of Abraham Cussin The Coussins and Coussin families

Tree of Hyman Cussin Philip and Stanley Morrison's Family


Tree of Morris Cussin - Being updated

Tree of Feldman and Goldberg

The Rakusins/Cussins came to the UK
 and practiced their art of Slipper
 making. They were Zapushniks.

It was because of Feival Morrison
 remembering his visit to Morris
Cussin's workshop in the basement
 of his home in Leeds that brought
 us together with his family.

Shoemakers working in Leeds around 1920

And a perfect example of history repeating
itself is in Craig's profession as a Dance Shoe
 maker, essentially a Zapushnik, a shoemaker





Craig in his workshop 1995

Abraham , Morris and Hyman Cussins 
were shoemakers and repairers,
Zapushniks. When they first came to
the UK from Lithuania They also worked
 in tailoring and two of them ran Fruit
 and Veg Stalls in the Glasgow


Just to explain the name differences.

We had emigrated to the UK as Rakusin.
Changed that to Cusin which did not look
good in the UK  so we changed this to
Cussin and in Abrahams branch to Cussins,
Coussin and Coussins.

They had their own personal reasons.
One reason was that because of some anti
Semitic feelings from some areas of the population
 in Scotland we may have tried to anglicise our
name to fit into what had become our home.
In the case of Philips Morrison's Dad he
changed from Cussin to Morrison. In the Leeds
branch however, and because there was a large
Jewish community there, in the case of some
family members the name stayed Rakusin as
well as Cussins.

Common ancestry:

We will of course be to find a common ancestry
 by using the abilities of genealogists and Len
Yodaiken has sent us a chart with a common
ancestor to the Rakusin family now living in
South Africa. Its a PDF File and can be viewed
 by downloading the free reader from Acrobat
PDF Reader.

Email me and I will send the attachment


The Future Website

Building a new website: A few words from Craig

I decided that the old website
is difficult and while full of features it can be difficult to
navigate. I have commissioned the original designer to
come up with an alternative site and one that is easy to
navigate with trees that are easy to read and download.
Unfortunately this will take time but hopefully will be
completed by mid 2009. Meantime the site is still there
and access to the pages should now be clear of restrictions.
Philip has come up with a great idea and that is to chart
down the three brothers from Abraham, Hyman and Morris
Cussin, adding photographs of family members at each stage
and the sound bites and videos for each family member as
we come into the latter part of the 20th century. Fortunately
 my father, Jack, was a cine photographer and he took
films of most of his family to Louis and Leba (Rebecca)
his parents to cousins and other relatives which is a
blessing for their families as well. What we may find is
 that other family members took cine film , audio tape or
videos as well as the century progressed and we can add
these in.



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Jewish Recipes; Just like your Bubby used to make.Click line


website copyright 2003-2009 Craig Coussins

A look at
Solomon's Temple.


New: Shabbat and  greeting Pages number 2 updated as often as I am able

Old Shabbat page is still here


Everything's Illuminated:

Author: Elan Lubliner from Lafayette, California

I walked into the movie theatre, with no expectations for the film I was about to witness, "Everything is Illuminated". I walked out with a joy I have barely come to feel with American films. The directorial debut of actor, Leiv Schreiber, the film follows a man on his journey through the past, accompanied by an eccentric group including a brake-dancing barely English-speaking punk from the Ukraine, his grandfather who believes he is blind, and their crazy dog. The first half of the film is funny and smart with an extremely European flavour in the usage of small but wonderful characters, while the second half of the film descends into a sombre story of discovery and the holocaust. This little movie brings out so many emotions, and so many colours, with such a wonderful conclusion and is more than just a story of illumination, but also of relationships and connections. The acting is incredibly powerful, the story mysterious and interesting, and the artistic appeal of the cinematography, to die for. With some brilliant and absolutely touching scenes "Everything is Illuminated" managed to capture my heart.



The Families

Missing things from the front page????

Here they are in the archive pages-click lines

The Links

Fransji Groenen Wagensfeld
Daughter of Danny Coussin-click line The webpage of Ricky Coussins family

The new Denise Coussins Sloan page is here  (Harry Coussins family-Ricky and Denise)
Web page for Leslie and Sylvia Coussins and their daughter Marilyn Benson
The website of Ray Coussins Musician and Craig's Brother

Philip Morrison with some family pictures-Philip is Hyman's grandson  (Philip Cussin Morrison)
Brian and Esther live in Israel. He is the grandson of Abraham and Millie and son of Jerry-Judah
Laura Valins is Brian's Sister and granddaughter to Abraham and Millie and daughter of Jerry-Judah
Wendy Sammeroff, granddaughter of Judah-Jerry Documents.htm
(Stanley Cussin Morrison ) 
(Dani (Coussins) Hervey and Justin Hervey) The website of Rays grand daughter Sarah Coussins
The webpage of Gari Mina and Sarah Coussins (Billy Curtis Family)
The web page for my son and family

Milne Family
he web page for my daughter and family
Gabriel is the grandson of Seine Murnik younger
sister of Abrahams wife Millie. Abraham Meir Murnik married Ode Chase Rakuzin and who we think was sister to Abraham: They had 3(?) daughters known. One was Seine Murnikaite whose grandson is Gabriel Gindel who lives in Uruguay and Argentina.

June 13th 2010 New family member :

This is the brother of Rebbecca Murnik, Leopoldo Murnik. He and his wife Lilian live in Israel.  Leopoldo is the son of Motl, the eldest brother of Gabriel's grandma Seine Murnik. Leopoldo is therefore grandson of Ode Rakuzim. He and Rebbecca are therefore cousins to Gabriel's mother Sara.

Gabriel Gindel , Argentina
Rakusins Leeds. The Rakusin family is a well established group based in Leeds and to whom we have a family connection. Many famous names are connected to this tree including Lloyd Rakusin of the Rakusin Matzoth firm and Manny Cussins. This page is being built but here is some info and a partial tree.
Updated information from Steven Moore

Older pages with info: (Original page) family photographs.htm

Home- Craig Photos

Coussins Documents pages

Coussins Stories and email exchanges

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This illustrates the DNA and Haplogroups of the family and the world spread of different DNA groups associated with Jewish people including us.
Post: Emails received and discussed between family members

A Yiddish Glossary

Recipe pages

Research on Lithuania -Click line

Zagare 1 updated January 2010
Zagare 2 updated January 2010


Research on Birobidzhan

Jewish Siberia:
The Jewish Autonomous Oblast/ Capital is Birobidzhan

Research on Jewish Siberia 2

Before the setting up of the JAO, Jews settled throughout areas of inhabitable Siberia. Here is further information











This many-layered study accounts the proud history and tragic destruction of the Jews of Lithuania. In Zhager, a small town on the Lithuanian-Latvian Border, well over 3000 Jewish men, women and children were massacred on 2 October 1941 by the Nazis and their collaborators. They lie in a mass grave in Naryshkin Park, the heart of the Shtetls, where lovers once walked. Last Walk in Naryshkin Park is the story of Rose Zwi's quest to discover the fate of her father's family who perished in the holocaust. Moving, passionate, thought provoking. More than a family history, more than an account of a massacre, Last Walk in Naryshkin Park asks questions which resonate from 1940s Lithuania to Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda.Pub: 1997  &
other woderful stories and interesting titles at these links

It has taken a while but the ShtetL Links Webpage is finally done.  You can visit it at:

Thanks to all who contributed. As I say in the "Welcome" to the webpage, more contributions are always welcome.
All the best,  Cliff Marks

Map of Jewish Lithuania
for family use only. This is a copyright map and the citation is to Dovid Katz from his wonderful book : Jewish Life in Lithuania.  While difficult to get is well worth the effort. Published in Lithuania and around £90. We are proud to hold this in the family library. 
Click Paragraph

Comment: sent to Cliff Marks October 2009
When my son and I visited Zagare in 2005 (my grandfather was born there - our family name was then Kussman - we were shown around the cemeteries by a girl who was working as  a volunteer for the charity Lithuania Link. I was appalled by the state of both cemeteries - the grass looked as though it had not been cut for eons. I asked the volunteer why and she said it was probably the cost, so I asked her to find out from the town council what it would cost to cut the grass in both cemeteries and then to do the same every few months. My idea was that I would help with the cost, and I would then contact the rabbi in Vilnius (I believe he is an American) and suggest that a scheme be started throughout Lithuania to do the same thing, with descendants of Lithuanian Jews providing the funding.
I heard nothing back from the volunteer so I asked again, and was told that th council was not interested in the idea.
Is there any way of trying to approach the council again?

Kind regards,
David Levy

Databases of connected names:
Rakusons Database 1-
The Family Tree
-in Lithuania: 
Coussins -Scotland and England
Database 2 The Revision List: 
Zagare (pr. zhagaray)
Zagare History

Family Stories and connections:
Links: Contact:

A Jewish Primer-This site gives information on your Jewish background.

There are fam
ily members in America and we hope to get information on this at a later date
Life in Tsarist Russia
Life in Tsarist Lithuania
Riga in Latvia-where we sailed form in the 1890's

Researching other areas of the United Kingdom, Manchester , Leeds and Bradford, Birmingham, London, Newcastle, Yorkshire, Scotland, Northern Ireland
Please go to the new Link page on this area of the UK
-click on the paragraph

A great facility to download a small programme that reminds you about the Jewish Holidays and dates applicable in your own country.

Find out more 
You can order certificates here for a fee.
Make sure that you have as much information as possible and a credit or debit card for payment-its very cheap and easy to use. Closed files can be opened on request from a relative



The new website is under construction but here is the base from which we started

The Future Website

To summarise:

Yes its a lot of work but if someone does not do this when there are people like myself to bring this together then the information will once more be lost in the mists of time. Now that we have children and some have grandchildren , I felt that spending the time and money doing this for the good of the family was a worthwhile venture. I hope that I am not wrong and that the family will support the project by sending in photographs, information and links to what we are all about..
You can also confirm to Philip and myself that we are  doing the right thing by telling us as no input is depressing.
Louis Coussins family: Features  of the new site will be film of the family, recordings of their voices, including Grandma Rebecca-Leba and Pappa-Louis -Libish,  and Jack and Sarah. The early musical recordings of Raymond will also be on the site along with extracts from his later work.
"our family website is not to praise the ashes of the departed but to preserve their fire by illuminating our future"-CC

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Life's journey is not to arrive safely in a well preserved
body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out,
"dear lord..what a ride!"