Laura Coussin Valins Page

Laura is sister to Brian and Shirley Coussin and Laura's grandfather is Abraham Cussin. Laura and Cliff Valins have three children: and eight grandchildren:

Laura's father Jerry

Laura's mum and dad, Jerry and Rina Coussin

Laura with her dad Jerry

We met family members in Manchester in May 2009. Wendy and Paul Fiddler and Eda and Ron Addelman. Wendy and Eda are granddaughters of Morris and cousins to Wendy. Laura's husband Cliff is at the back.

Laura Valins, May 2009





Laura Avril Valins (27/2/48) married Clifford John Valins (10/6/37).on 20/2/67. Three Childrern, Adam, Juliette and Oliver
Adam (16/5/68)


Juliette (25/6/71)


Oliver (15/1/74)


M Lisa Stolberg (26/10/71) Wedding date 27/10/1996


M Darren Rose (2/6/72). Wedding date 3/9/1995


M Annie McCabe (2/7/74) Wedding date 31/8/2000


Rachel Valins (14/6/99)
Jessica Valins (10/4/02)
Sami Rose, (10/12.96)
Ben Rose (3/3/99)
Tamzin Rose (21/3/01)
Meghan Valins (2/4/02
Caitlin Valins (16/11/04)
Clodagh Valins 22/1/09

Laura links with her brother Brian and niece Wendy