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Sarah Coussins aged 4 on 17th of May 2008

Sarah Coussins, South Africa



This page is for you and your Mummy and Daddy who
 wanted so much to bring you into the world and as we
are all so excited by this wonderful event his page is for all of us to see.

Much love from Uncle Craig and Auntie Svieta,

Members of her family as they were when Sarah joined us on planet earth on May 17th 2004.
Some images were taken prior to this auspicious date but these will be updated as new images arrive in due course. Click for larger images.

Mummy getting ready to deliver
you to the world.

Grandma Sherri,

Grandpa Mike,

Proud Grandparents

Aunt Dani


Welcome to the world Sarah

May 17th 2004
 your arrival is welcomed by your family all around the world.

Life will always be full of hills
 and valleys but the hills will get
 lower and the valleys shallow as
 long as you love your parents as
 much as they love you. 

First Thoughts from Family and friends
  • When I held you for the first time I was very overcome with emotion and an incredible desire to protect our little blessing-Daddy
  • We are delighted to hear about Gary and Ina's baby - We will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.-
    Leigh, Jean Philip, Gregory and Gabrielle Adrit, Paris.
  • What a wonderful addition to the family. We are all so happy for Gari, Ina and all the South African members of our world wide family.
    Craig and Svieta Coussins, Scotland (and Russia).




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