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Abraham Cussin and the Family Tree


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The Rakuzhin Family Tree we have older lines but this is the present known direct line

Direct descendency

Of Abraham Ber

                                                Efroim Rakuzhin

                                                   b. abt. 1753

                                                  in Lithuania

                                                 d. bef. 1800

                                                m. Unknown


Ruvel Rakuzhin       Yankel Rakuzhin   Leiba Rakuzhin

              Abt. 1780                        b. 1770                 b. 1781

                                                   in Lithuania

                                                 m. Rivka daughter of Faivel

                                                 b. 1786 in Zagare


             Khaim Rakuzhin   Ruvel Rakuzhin      Markus Rak.     Efroim Rak. & others 

              b. 1793                     b. 1818                      b. 1812               b 1800

                                               in Lithuania

                                              m. Pese b. 1809


Sister Fruma Rakuzhin        b. 1842 

Rakuzhin        b. 1845       

Brother Hatskel Rakuzhin         b. 1847

                                             in Zagare, Lithuania 

                                             m. Gite bat Hersh

March 2006: We  have now determined that  Faivel (also known as Philip is the UK) is the  father of Abraham by locating the gravestone of Abraham in Glasgow and seeing who his fathers name was. I took a DNA test to  locate the line (DNA CHART HERE)  and establish the line further back to the 16th century.
Philip Morrison is the Grandson of Abrahams brother Hyman and he now has his own page on this website Click this line to go there
These are the Gravestones of our Great Grandfather and Grandmother

The Glasgow family

There were four brothers, Hirsch. Abraham, Hyman (Chaim) and Morris (Moishe) . We do not have any information on the two listed sisters, Raiza and Tsalel and the brother Hirsch at this point (May 2009) There also seems to be another member of the family, Ode Rakusen who married Abraham Murnik and were the grandparents of Gabriel Gindel in Argentina. I am not sure where they fit in right now. One sister seems to have gone to live in Siberia and and we will find this as soon as we can as there is a large Jewish enclave there. Hyman went to visit his sister but she had died. So we will see the records and find out if there are any children from her life there.

Abraham and his brother Hyman. Hyman's page is here-click this line

We now  have a picture of Morris and his wife Betsy.


This is the earliest image that we have of Abraham and Milly Cussin and their family in 1899. The oldest child is Louis, then sitting is Thomas and the wee girl on the floor would be Leah aged 2. The picture was in the family album of Laura Valens, Abrahams granddaughter. After identification by Philip Morrison (Cussin) Feival established that it was Abraham and indeed there are clear facial resemblances in the family pictures we have. The only issue that I have is that the [picture of Milly, if this is Milly, is not the same in the size of chin.  Therefore would this be *Mina Stakol, the mother of the three children shown and did she die at some as yet unknown date and then Abraham married Milly?


 Abraham Coussins

b. 12/10/1869  in Zagare, Lithuania  (Kovno) m.  *Mina (Stagel –probably Stakol)   d. Glasgow, Scotland

However we also have a record that Abraham married
Milly(Amelia) Moscovitch Murnik and that she was the mother of the following children.;
This will be cleared up at some point. My father Jack always wore her wedding ring which I passed
on to my daughter Rebecca. Inside is inscribed Milly.


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 Fanny (Fay






. 1909

b. 1907

. 1905

b. 1902

. b. 1900

. 1897

b. 1895

. 1892

M: Rina

Jerry and Rina at their granddaughter Wendy's wedding July 1983



 Married Johnny Pelosi


M: Billy Curtis

M- Epple

M: Esther

M: Leba Feldman

Children-youngest sister Laura,
Brian himself and Shirley, Brian's eldest sister

Linked pages: Wendy Samerroff Shirleys daughter and Judah's and Rina's granddaughter



Children, Anthony




Meradyth Taylor

Children, David





Click for a larger image of the original obituary which is in Hebrew.






Coussin, Daniel-Reuben (Danny)

The son of Tuvia (Thomas) and Esther, born 24.7.1926
in Jerusalem. Finished high school at a young age and
joined the Palmach. From the Palmach he was enlisted
 into the British army and from whence he joined the Jewish Brigade when it was established. Daniel Reuben took part in the war against the Nazis and saving refugees from the camps.

On the completion of his military service he returned to Palestine, completed his high school education and passed his exams. Danny then joined the Poria commune in the Lower Galilee where he became the security officer and commander. At the beginning of the War of Independence, after the UN partition declaration on 29.11.47, he was driving Lorries in dangerous areas and was arrested by the British for possessing a weapon.

The day after the declaration of the State of Israel, on 15.5.1948, the Arab Legion and the Syrians invaded Israel. Danny was temporarily enlisted to defend the Jordan Valley. He took command of the section on the Tzemach front. Danny and his platoon fought bravely against superior forces and managed to survive. Minutes before he was killed he promised an injured colleague that he would see them all safely back to their camp. Daniel-Reuben was killed on 16.5.1948 by a bullet that struck him in the face, but the members of his platoon survived. He was laid to rest at the cemetery in Poria.

On 9.12.1965, by the request of his family, his remains were transferred to the military cemetery on Mount Herzl, Jerusalem.

Their only son Danny was the father of Fransji who now lives in her native Holland.

My mother was very happy for me that I finally discovered my father (and of course his family, especially because
he is not alive anymore) and she also was happy that I could meet the family.

Fransji has her own family now and we have a page for her on the front page 

Children, Jack, Leslie, Harold




Len Yodaiken who lives in Israel- is a genealogist. Len is helping me with the historical aspect of the Coussins /
Rakusens as he is an authority on this branch of the family. He has  succeeded in tracing the family back to two men,
Efroim and Shachna Rakuzhin. They were born in the 1750s and believes that they were brothers. Unless we can
establish the name of my Great Grandfather (in hand) we are left with these two possible trees. The Leeds family is
connected but right now I am concentrating on  the name of Abrahams Father which will be on his gravestone of I can
locate that In this  investigation I had to take a DNA test. This is a modern method of establishing descent. If one of  our
known family take this we can establish a connection to 1641 and that allows us to access older records by default.

Ref:Group Administrator: Dan Buchler

Project Surnames:







Project Background:
This family project currently is tracking the descendants of Hirsh HaCohen born about 1641 in Lithuania.
Project Goals:
To find as many ancestors as possible with verifiable connections.
Project Results:
We have tested DNA of 5 descendants of Hirsh HaCohen to help the connections of these 5 family members to our common ancestor.

Several other persons, previously not known have had exact matches with 12 or more marker DNA tests and we are busy trying to establish their connections to the family.
See notes from Len Yodaiken


Alternative Tree:

The Rakuzhin Family Tree

Direct descendency

Of Abraham Ber born 1645-he had family but it is a little vague at this point and this may be that I am giving you incomplete information. However, what I have done is list the family as follows from who we do know is our direct ancestor, Shachna Rakuzhin as I am sure that other family members can fill in the spaces for us.


                                                Shachna Rakuzhin

                                                   b. abt. 1750

                                                   in Lithuania

                                                d. bef. 1827

                                                m. Unknown


                                                 Abram Rakuzhin

                                                        b. 1772

                                                   in Lithuania

                                                 m. Malka Gilkin

                                                 b. 1784 in Zagare


                                                Moshe Rakuzhin

                                                      b. 1802

                                                    in Lithuania

                                                m. Pese b. 1809


 Shachna Rakuzhin      Shmuel Rakuzhin     Stirka Rakuzhin     Raiza Rakuzhin

  b. 1825

 in Zagare, Lithuania


Feivel Rakuzhin   (My great great Grandfather)      b. 1845        Brother Hatskel Rakuzhin         b. 1847

in Zagare, Lithuania 

 m. Gite bat Hersh

Hirsh Rakuzhin /Abraham Ber Rakuzhin  /Raiza Rakuzhin  /Tsalel Rakuzhin / Chaim (Hyman) Rakuzhin / Moshe (Morris) Rakhusin

b. 1864                  b.1869

 in Zagare Lithuania

 When Abraham came to Glasgow the Ra was dropped and the Kuzhin became Cusin and eventually Cussin and finally on my side Coussins


                                             The Glasgow family.

                                       Abraham Cussin  His brothers were Hyman and Morris. We shall make their trees available here as well.

      b. 12/10/1869  in Zagare, Lithuania  d. Glasgow, Scotland



Married Milly Moscovitch Murnik                                      




With this in mind Len Yodaiken  gave me this family tree of the Leeds connection. Craig.
However there is a need to make corrections and I will do that ASAP

The Leeds Family

Dear Craig

Ruth King forwarded to me your e-mail to her of 15 December 2005 as she thought it might interest me.  When I went to your website I saw that you included an exchange of e-mails between myself and David Zincavage in 2003! 

I wonder if we are related - I certainly believe that my ancestors came from Zagare.  I attach below two possible connections but you would need to check the dates etc to see if there is a connection.  I am afraid that even with my ADSL connection, I gave up waiting for your pages to download to see the Rakuson database/tree.   The possible connections are through CUSSINS and GOLDBERG as indicated below:




Children of MANASSAH RAKUSEN and YETTA are:

2.                i.    ARIEH CHAIM4 RAKUSEN, d. 1907.

3.               ii.    HYMAN RAKUSEN, b. 1862; d. 1940.

4.              iii.    RACHAEL RAKUSEN.

5.              iv.    SAMUEL RAKUSEN, b. 1872; d. 1933.

6.               v.    ISRAEL RAKUSEN (CUSSINS).

7.              vi.    BESSIE RAKUSEN, b. 1884; d. 20 April 1962, 3, Surfside Road, Lynn, USA.

8.             vii.    LAZARUS (LLOYD) RAKUSEN, b. Vilna or Riga in Latvia.


Israel Rakusen, who lived in Hull, was in the building trade, building houses

He found the people with whom he had to deal found the name 'Rakusen' too long and too  difficult to pronounce and

foreign-sounding , so he shortened the name to 'Cussins'.  He married Emily Sadofsky and had five children.

One of his children was Manassah Cussins who was born in 1905 and went on to become the "Manny Cussins" well

known as Chairman of Leeds United Football Club.  Another child was Leah Cussins who married Alexander Woolf and

their first child is Henry Kenneth Woolf, ex-Lord Chief Justice of England.


1.  DAVID JOSEPH1 GOLDBERG was born 1900 in Lithuania, and died December 1983.  He married NETTA RAKUSEN 12 May 1925 in

London U.K., daughter of HYMAN RAKUSEN (see above) and TILLY KLINE.  She was born Abt. 1903 in Leeds, and died July 1966.



2.                i.    RUTH2 GOLDBERG, b. August 1932, London, U.K..

3.               ii.    MAURICE GOLDBERG, b. February 1934, London, U.K..

4.              iii.    JEFFREY GOLDBERG, b. 8 October 1935, London, U.K..

                 iv.    EVA SCHENDEL, b. 1930; m. RABBI MARGULIES, Abt. 1949.


I am in touch with Jeffrey Goldberg and could check out more if you have information.

I am also a grandson of Hyman Rakusen in the list above, and a cousin of Jeffrey Goldberg.

I look forward to hearing from you if there is any connection you can find between our families.


Ronald Rakusen "Ron Rakusen"

Please contact Ron if you have any more information  for him


Efroim Rakuzhin

Born 1753

m. wife unknown


Yankel Rakuzhin

b. 1770

d. Bef. 1820

born  Lithuania

m. wife unknown


Tsalel Rakuzhin

b. 1787

in Zagare, Lithuania

d. 1807 in Zagare, Lithuania

m. wife Unknown


Tsalel Rakuzhin

b. 1807

in Zagare, Lithuania

d. in Zagare, Lithuania

m. Beila daughter of Menashe


Menashe Rakhuzin

b. 1835

in Zagare, Lithuania

d. in Leeds England

m. Gerty

b. 1837

in Bausk, Latvia


Israel Rakhuzin-Cussins

b. 1872

in Zagare, Lithuania

d. October 20, 1939

in Hull, England

m. Emily Sadovsky


Menasseh Manny Cussins

b. in Leeds, England

m. Muriel Field

John Cussins




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