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We have now returned the site to being a reference library. Please feel free to contact Craig or Feivel for any information . However, please see that everything we presently know about our families are on this website.
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A website like this is meant to be full of memories. Both from ourselves and the family who went before us. We leave traces of memories for the ones behind us. Memories, little jewels of emotion, snippets of happiness and occasionally, reminders of tragedy. Our family website is not to praise the ashes of the departed but to preserve their fire by illuminating our future. Love from Craig

Memories from Feivel Morrison: Do you remember when the newspapers were put on the washed kitchen floor, or used to be rolled up into little balls and then with added kindling started the fire. If you went to the fishmonger, they would wrap the fresh fish in newspaper, we bought our fish and chips in newspaper, we would line the shelves with newspaper. We would read the Yiddish newspapers to find out all the bad news of how the Jews were being treated in Germany and Eastern Europe, then, we would read the English papers to find the good news that the Jews owned the newspapers, the banks, the big stores etc.etc.
Love from Feivel

Welcome to the Cussin, Coussin, Coussins, Morrison, Racusin, Rakusin and related family website

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General Family Pix 1879-2010 Click for full size image with descriptions on most pix

Abe and brother Hyman Cussin   Bother Morris Cussin and wife Betsy

Franji and her father Danny Coussin; Craigs GFLouis's bro' Tommy was Danny's father
 Anna Cussin Feival at Jewish Archives in Glasgow
Ray Coussins Marlyn Benson and Feival      
 Ricky and Craig Coussins Abrahams great grandsons and his sister Denise Abe's GGdaughter along with Ricky and wife's Sharons Children, visited us-in Edinburgh. Marlyn is also Abe's GGD, Feival  is Abe's brother Hyman's grandson

Stanley Morrison. He was here, he lived, loved and was in turn loved: Feivel sent me this 10 minute slide show of his brother Stanley who died last year.

Featuring both their lives as children, Stanley and his wife Jani with their own children and grandchildren. A very beautiful memory of a man who's life touched so many.

Stanley lived in Vancouver with his family. He was a media and web professional and had been a successful Martial Artist and Sensei having been awarded the rank of 8th Dan in Japan. Stanley taught Martial Arts to hundreds of young people at his very popular classes.

He will continue to be missed but always loved.


The Trees
The Family Tree for Rakusin
dating from the 17th Century

This is the full size tree that can be viewed when
clicked. this tree is
copyright and can not be used in any capacity without
permission from the copyright holder Craig Coussins

A great deal of time and considerable expense to
research and was spent make this tree and that is why
we can not allow this to leave our copyright unless it is
agreed in writing. This tree is therefore for the benefit of
the families to which we are directly connected and no
one else.

Click on a tree to go to the page Documents.htm 

This details the links down for Abraham Simon Cussin and Millie Moscovitch Murnik-A guideline tree

Family names
We are trying to establish the tree from
the descendants of Hirsh HaCohen who was born
about 1641 in Lithuania.

The difficulties of pre 18th Century research Discussion page

Abraham, Morris and Hyman,
brothers from Zagare. 
Who we are is their gift to us and who we become is our gift to them

Philip Morrison.       

Tree of Abraham Cussin The Coussins and Coussin families

Tree of Hyman Cussin Philip and Stanley Morrison's Family


Tree of Morris Cussin - Being updated

Tree of Feldman and Goldberg

The Rakusins/Cussins came to the UK
 and practiced their art of Slipper
 making. They were Zapushniks.

It was because of Feival Morrison
 remembering his visit to Morris
Cussin's workshop in the basement
 of his home in Leeds that brought
 us together with his family.

Shoemakers working in Leeds around 1920

And a perfect example of history repeating
itself is in Craig's profession as a Dance Shoe
 maker, essentially a Zapushnik, a shoemaker





Craig in his workshop 1995

Abraham , Morris and Hyman Cussins 
were shoemakers and repairers,
Zapushniks. When they first came to
the UK from Lithuania They also worked
 in tailoring and two of them ran Fruit
 and Veg Stalls in the Glasgow


Just to explain the name differences.

We had emigrated to the UK as Rakusin.
Changed that to Cusin which did not look
good in the UK  so we changed this to
Cussin and in Abrahams branch to Cussins,
Coussin and Coussins.

They had their own personal reasons.
One reason was that because of some anti
Semitic feelings from some areas of the population
 in Scotland we may have tried to anglicise our
name to fit into what had become our home.
In the case of Philips Morrison's Dad he
changed from Cussin to Morrison. In the Leeds
branch however, and because there was a large
Jewish community there, in the case of some
family members the name stayed Rakusin as
well as Cussins.

Common ancestry:

We will of course be to find a common ancestry
 by using the abilities of genealogists and Len
Yodaiken has sent us a chart with a common
ancestor to the Rakusin family now living in
South Africa. Its a PDF File and can be viewed
 by downloading the free reader from Acrobat
PDF Reader.

Email me and I will send the attachment


website copyright 2003-2016 Craig Coussins


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The Families

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The Links

Fransji Groenen Wagensfeld
Daughter of Danny Coussin-click line The webpage of Ricky Coussins family

The new Denise Coussins Sloan page is here  (Harry Coussins family-Ricky and Denise)
Web page for Leslie and Sylvia Coussins and their daughter Marilyn Benson
The website of Ray Coussins Musician and Craig's Brother

Philip Morrison with some family pictures-Philip is Hyman's grandson  (Philip Cussin Morrison)
Brian and Esther live in Israel. He is the grandson of Abraham and Millie and son of Jerry-Judah
Laura Valins is Brian's Sister and granddaughter to Abraham and Millie and daughter of Jerry-Judah
Wendy Sammeroff, granddaughter of Judah-Jerry Documents.htm
(Stanley Cussin Morrison ) 
(Dani (Coussins) Hervey and Justin Hervey) The website of Rays grand daughter Sarah Coussins
The webpage of Gari Mina and Sarah Coussins (Billy Curtis Family)
The web page for my son and family

Milne Family
he web page for my daughter and family
Gabriel is the grandson of Seine Murnik younger
sister of Abrahams wife Millie. Abraham Meir Murnik married Ode Chase Rakuzin and who we think was sister to Abraham: They had 3(?) daughters known. One was Seine Murnikaite whose grandson is Gabriel Gindel who lives in Uruguay and Argentina.

June 13th 2010 New family member :

This is the brother of Rebbecca Murnik, Leopoldo Murnik. He and his wife Lilian live in Israel.  Leopoldo is the son of Motl, the eldest brother of Gabriel's grandma Seine Murnik. Leopoldo is therefore grandson of Ode Rakuzim. He and Rebbecca are therefore cousins to Gabriel's mother Sara.

Gabriel Gindel , Argentina
Rakusins Leeds. The Rakusin family is a well established group based in Leeds and to whom we have a family connection. Many famous names are connected to this tree including Lloyd Rakusin of the Rakusin Matzoth firm and Manny Cussins. This page is being built but here is some info and a partial tree.
Updated information from Steven Moore

Older pages with info: (Original page) family photographs.htm

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Coussins Documents pages

Coussins Stories and email exchanges

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This illustrates the DNA and Haplogroups of the family and the world spread of different DNA groups associated with Jewish people including us.
Post: Emails received and discussed between family members

A Yiddish Glossary

Recipe pages

Research on Lithuania -Click line

Zagare 1 updated January 2010
Zagare 2 updated January 2010


Research on Birobidzhan

Jewish Siberia:
The Jewish Autonomous Oblast/ Capital is Birobidzhan

Research on Jewish Siberia 2

Before the setting up of the JAO, Jews settled throughout areas of inhabitable Siberia. Here is further information


It has taken a while but the ShtetL Links Webpage is finally done.  You can visit it at:

Thanks to all who contributed. As I say in the "Welcome" to the webpage, more contributions are always welcome.
All the best,  Cliff Marks

Map of Jewish Lithuania
for family use only. This is a copyright map and the citation is to Dovid Katz from his wonderful book : Jewish Life in Lithuania.  While difficult to get is well worth the effort. Published in Lithuania and around 90. We are proud to hold this in the family library. 
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Databases of connected names:
Rakusons Database 1-
The Family Tree
-in Lithuania: 
Coussins -Scotland and England
Database 2 The Revision List: 
Zagare (pr. zhagaray)
Zagare History

Family Stories and connections:
Links: Contact:

A Jewish Primer-This site gives information on your Jewish background.

There are fam
ily members in America and we hope to get information on this at a later date
Life in Tsarist Russia
Life in Tsarist Lithuania
Riga in Latvia-where we sailed form in the 1890's

Researching other areas of the United Kingdom, Manchester , Leeds and Bradford, Birmingham, London, Newcastle, Yorkshire, Scotland, Northern Ireland
Please go to the new Link page on this area of the UK
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A great facility to download a small programme that reminds you about the Jewish Holidays and dates applicable in your own country.

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This is the base from which we started

The Future Website

To summarise:

Yes its a lot of work but if someone does not do this when there are people like myself to bring this together then the information will once more be lost in the mists of time. Now that we have children and some have grandchildren , I felt that spending the time and money doing this for the good of the family was a worthwhile venture. I hope that I am not wrong and that the family will support the project by sending in photographs, information and links to what we are all about..
You can also confirm to Philip and myself that we are  doing the right thing by telling us as no input is depressing.
Louis Coussins family: Features  of the new site will be film of the family, recordings of their voices, including Grandma Rebecca-Leba and Pappa-Louis -Libish,  and Jack and Sarah. The early musical recordings of Raymond will also be on the site along with extracts from his later work.
"our family website is not to praise the ashes of the departed but to preserve their fire by illuminating our future"-CC

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Life's journey is not to arrive safely in a well preserved
body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out,
"dear lord..what a ride!"