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Ray Coussins -Singer, composer, conductor, arranger and player of great songs,
fabulous standards and music for lovers.



Ray Coussins is an internationally experienced musical director, piano player and singer. He was classically trained as a pianist and when he was only nine years of age, his talent was such that he was a guest pianist with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Scotland in his native city of Glasgow Scotland. Ray was also one of the youngest ever L.R.A.M (Licentiate of the Royal Academy of  Music. Coming from a musical family, his father Jack was a band leader, Ray turned to his love of Jazz and standards and subsequently became interested in other kinds of music.  Ray has since worked for the past 30 years in most musical forms playing, arranging or composing in Jazz, Classical, Modern, Pop and Big Band. An exceptionally gifted musician, his performances leave a lasting impression on anyone that is fortunate to hear him play and sing.

What the Press have said:

·     No matter the type of music, Ray Coussins proves himself to be an extraordinary pianist and singer-VARIETY

·     His technique is so good that everything he plays comes out special-SHOWTIME

Please click here to read a recent crit on his appearance with Roz Ryan.

So who is Ray Coussins?

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Ray moved to America some time ago. He has travelled and wowed audiences all over the globe.

He worked for a time in the emergent nation of South Africa where he topped the charts with several hits including a cover version of the Stevie Wonder hit, ‘Uptight’ which was top of the SA charts for months. Ray has recorded a number of hits over his career. He opened for most of the big touring acts that visited SA from all over the globe.

He appeared o the biggest talent shoe in the UK during the 1960s as a young entertainer.

Extracted from the New Musical Express No. 696 6 May 1960    Tremendous Chart-topping News [Everly Brothers tour] 2 Charlton, Bruce Steve Lawrence Is Joining Top Class 2 Goodwin, Keith Craig Douglas Gives Credit for "Heart" to Composers [Bill Crompton, Morgan Jones, "Heart of a Teenage Girl"] 3 Hellicar, Mike Four Lads Stand on the Corner with Frank Loesser ["Standing on the Corner"] 3 Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviewed: Ray Coussins, "You're Singing Our Love Song to Somebody Else"

Released by Fontana records-: April 1960-Your singing Our Love Song to Somebody Else with the flip side being Just One More Chance

Thank Your Lucky Stars was a weekly television show that ran in Great Britain from 1961 to 1966. The show centered around music, showcasing the latest hit records. A guest DJ presided over the show, and a panel of teens would vote upon the worthiness of the discs. Recording artists often appeared to promote their latest single, usually lip-syncing along with the record. The show featured well-known artists, local talents, and fresh up-and-comers such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Kinks. Television shows like Thank Your Lucky Stars proved to be the launching pad for "The British Invasion", and helped change the face of music and culture forever

Season 6, Episode 7 – Aired: 11/13/1965

November 13, 1965

Jim Dale host; guests include Ray Coussins, Kathy Kirby, Gerry and The Pacemakers, Winifred Atwell,
Brian Poole and The Tremeloes, Danny Williams, Carole Deene and The Caesars

During this time 1960 to 1967 Ray made some records which reached the top 20 in different countries.

His first single was, Your Singing Our Love Song to Somebody Else was very popular and reached the to 40 but was reviewed in the New Musical Express which propelled the single higher. (See above)
The other early one was One Mint Julep, a cover of the Ray Charles instrumental hit. That was a great success as well. Unfortunately we do not have copies of these records at this stage

Thats My Way 2.29
R.Ahlert /B.Scott-Publisher Jenny Miusic
I Wanna Love You 2.04
Louis Kramer Pub Robbins Music Ltd
I keep Forgetting that I love you 2.27
Leiber and Stohler-Pub. Trio Music
Uptight 2.21
Cosby/Moy/Wonder Pub. Belinda Lt

You can access these here: https://shop.mp3tunes.com/myaccount/  enter ray@coussins.org and the password is music click on the Play your Music! LockerDJ only

  and the file with four of my songs will appear. Then please sign out.

Ray has played at the London UK prestige Jazz Venue, ‘Pizza on the Park’ to sell out audiences and in the time he has spent in London he was voted as ‘Lounge Act of the Year’.

He came to America as Musical Director for a number of  UK touring acts and then decided to stay and develop his solo career. After Ray first came to America he worked in Jilly's nightclub in New York where he was introduced to many of the musical elite of the time.. During a club appearance at ‘Jilly’s’ in New York, he came to the attention of many great names including Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr and Tony Bennett.  Jilly's is a club that was run by Jilly Rizzo, one of Frank Sinatra's closest friends (a scene from "The Manchurian Candidate" was filmed there.) Mr.Sinatra frequented Jilly's whenever he was in New York,  along with many of his pals including fellow Rat Packers.  Subsequently Ray often played for Mr Sinatra at a number of events including private gigs. In the 1970.s Ray Coussins Revue, opened for big-name comics like Henny Youngman, Red Buttons and David Brenner. When he came to Las Vegas Ray opened for most of the big names through the 80's and 90.s

Ray has been a frequent act at The Golden Nugget in Atlantic City and many others clubs and entertainment Venues in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Foxwoods Casino and clubs, and venues all over North America.. When he worked in Florida he was voted as the number one supper club act in Miami for five years.

As a Piano Player and Singer, Ray has been on the tonight show a number of times and became the arranger and conductor for singer ‘Roz Ryan’ who shot to fame in the Broadway show, ‘Dream Girls’. Roz Ryan is now one of the stars of the Broadway production of 'Chicago'.

Ray has been opener for many famous entertainment legends and has been musical Director for many performers and shows worldwide. His talents include Musical Direction , writing arrangements, Conductor, and accompanist. His own very extensive repertoire covers many different styles for standards to showcase numbers. Music for every occasion and situation. He can take a simple piece of music and turn it into a moment of joy. His ability to make an arrangement on the spot of pretty much any number is legendary and gives a great deal of pleasure to those fortunate to hear him play..

In the past few years, he has worked mainly in Las Vegas in the famous venues of The Golden Nugget, Treasure Island and Paris Casino.
He also worked in the Atrium Lounge at
Foxwoods Casino, Connecticut, where, for 20 weeks, he broke all records for that venue. His recent work with the famous Princess Cruise Lines has introduced him to a new audience of appreciative music lovers. Ray is not only very happy working on these beautiful luxury Cruise Liners but truly enjoys the people that he works for and who appreciate him as a professional top class musician.

Ray counts amongst his friends, Celine Dion, Michael Buble, Paul Anka and David Foster and he links with all of them. David Foster links directly to this website: http://www.olografix.org/krees/dfnet/html/friendsites.php3


Awards and achievements:

Ray Coussins was extremely honored to receive a Presidential Invitation to appear at both the White House and Constitution Hall.

Ray Coussins was asked to appear at the Royal Command Performance in front of the Royal Family alongside legends such as 'Mr Old Black Magic', Billy Daniels. We still have the invitation and special tickets for this event.

Voted Lounge Act of the Year in London UK.

Number one Supper Club Act in Miami for five years. Newspaper cuttings support all of his many awards

One of the youngest Licentiate graduates  of the Royal Academy of Music. Images of his certifications are on file

Ray's hobby's include the  musical arranging of both popular and classical pieces,
reading, politics, American Football and being with his friends.

His favourite classical music is by Frederick Chopin and Franz Liszt.

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Photo by "Katie Mogell"

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