Research in the rest of the United Kingdom. These are links to sites that will help your own family research. Please let me know if these are of interest

There has been a very healthy Jewish population in these cities and there is much to research from local facilities. These are some links that will be updated when we get the relevant information:


Jewish Archives department of Manchester Central Library (9.30am to 4.00pm).  The library's 34-page on-line catalogue covering the Jewish archives can be viewed at  

This is a PDF File that can be downloaded and printed out or saved to your documents folder.

Greater Manchester County Records Office, Marshall Street, Manchester for a tour and a talk on the resources for research offered by them.   The full scope of the GMCRO can be seen at In addition to the standard archive records, there are complete sets of newspapers for The Guardian, Manchester Evening News and the Manchester Evening Chronicle etc

Publications: "They Came from the Haim" - the pictorial history of Manchester published by the Jewish Social Services.   As a point of interest, this wonderful book contains photos and illustrations dating from the 1860s up to 1995.

Prestwich Library (Longfield Centre, Prestwich Village) now has a Heritage Museum and they have an excellent Jewish section in the library.   The current exhibition is "Prestwich at Prayer" - a fascinating exhibition celebrating the diversity of religions within the Prestwich community.   Local history display of photographs, artefacts and information regarding the wide range of places of worship and religious belief in the area, with the items in the Jewish section being provided by the Manchester Jewish Museum.

Information form The Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain

The definitive book on the development of the Jewish community in the Manchester area is Bill Williams, The Making of Manchester Jewry, 1740-1875 (296.094273 WI). The same author has also produced Manchester Jewry a Pictorial History, 1788-1988 (q942.733 WI), and a biography entitled Sir Sidney Hamburger and Manchester Jewry (296.094273Ha), which looks at a leading figure in the 20th century Jewish community. A potted history of Manchester Jewry by Bill Williams can be found on the Moving Here web site at

Monty Dobkin wrote two books which looked at Manchester Jewry. These were Tales of Manchester Jewry and Manchester in the Thirties (942.733 DO) and Rothschild in Manchester and other tales from the history of Manchester Jewry (q929.2 Ro). They Came From The Haim (f942.733 JE). This 1995 publication by Jewish Social Services is subtitled History of Manchester Jewry from 1867, and lists events of Jewish interest at local, national and international level on a year by year basis.

Julia Wong has published the article The Jewish Population of the South Manchester Suburb of Didsbury 1891-1914. This is available on-line at

These books and more can be found in the Local Studies Library, Central Library. They also house the Local Images Collection which can be found on-line at



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