Raymond Coussins- a life in musicUNDER CONSTRUCTION
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The Watersplash was in the Channel islands , British Territory off the cost of France and the lifeguards were all from Durban South Africa, hence t6he sign on the Van. Raymond was 16 when he went to work there.. This was the place he started on the path of his life adventure. He went there a boy and came back a man.

Ray in 1960                             Ray with brother Craig 1949     Raymond has just been born

   Raymond 1958      With Sally Logan 1964

 Ray1944             1944            With Mum 1945       1955

On stage 3 bros 1953                                     Paul, Craig and Ray 1987

  Raymonds mother, Sadie Simpson' a 
                                                                                                                                                   very famous dance teacher in Scotland
         Ray on stage in Mums recital 1949-one of 8 each year she held for different dance schools that she ran


Rays Parents 1960

Raymond's mum, Sadie Simpson, president of the British Association of Teachers of Dancing, The B.A.T.D.

Proud Pappa Raymond with his new granddaughter
                                                                                                                                     Emma Coussins
The above picture was taken in 1961.
Sherri was Raymond's first wife and they have two children,
Dani and Gari. Each have their own page linked as marked' Sherri comes from South Africa and that is where she lives with her husband Mike. Dani is married to Justin Hervey and they have two children, Jack and Isla and they all   live in the Cape and Gari is married to Mina and they have  two daughters Sarah and Emma and they  live in Pretoria

The entire family group of Louis Coussins in Southwick. 1953
Left to right row one: Leslie, brother jack, Jacks wife Sarah, Jack and Leslies brother Harry
L-R row two: Leslies wife Sylvia, Grandma Rebecca Coussins, Pappa Louis, Ricky with Mum Pam's -Harry is father
L-R row three: Jacks sons Paul, Raymond and Craig, Harry's daughter Denise, Leslies daughter Marlyn

Las Vegas 2002 where Raymond has played for over 30 years

Brother Paul


Christine, Raymond's cousins, took us out for lunc at Marr Hall on Strahclyde during Raymond's last visit to the UK.

Christine Hinshelwood and her cousin Raymond

Cousin Philip Morrison telling Raymond how he would redesign the ship
and call it Titanic 2

Ray with cousin Christine Hinshelwood who's mum was our mums sister. Christine is one of our most important and loved family members.


Raymond met up with his cousins Marilyn Benson and Philip
Morrison when he came home to Glasgow, Scotland in 2009


with Craig's wife Svetlana


Raymond and brother Craig 2011


With his lifelong friend Louis Kramer and brother Craig
on one of his last visits to Scotland during 2011.


Raymond with brothers Paul and Craig and their Parents in 1996


Rosemary Simpson is also our cousin and Rosemary now lives in Stranraer and visits Bill on a regular basis. Both look forward to seeing Raymond again. They truly loved his visit. Stranraer os a long way from Craig's home in Glasgow but Craig and cousin Christine make regular journeys to see Bill and Rosemary.

This is George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. My brother Ray Coussins and the Minnesota Youth Orchestra.  The Bass Player is 14 years old and is also the lead Alto Sax in the Orchestra. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4yl8vqggciduyyr/RayCoussins&MinisotaYouthOrchestra.mp4?dl=0

We should all support the musical talent that are the youth in our schools music programmes, a programme some schools so easily cut to save money...but to what end? Include the kids by helping them to to get involved in community orchestras. Music makes peace, not guns. Perhaps you will consider sharing this thought.

Utube Videos posted by fans of Ray

Christmas Night, Sapphire Princess Cruise,  Part one and two




Ray Coussins featuring Kwame M. Remy "Mr. Bojangles"


Misty performed by Ami Tapper(vocals) and Ray Coussins (piano)

Posted by a fan: This is a short video of the incredible Ray Coussins.
This video was taken with a camera and so the quality is not that great but he was incredible. 
He is performing George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue.

An early recording from a 1967 song: Mercy Mercy Mercy https://youtu.be/YxWKdWOLnkE
 Ray Coussins - One mint julep -https://youtu.be/aBl3b_EWmbA

I keep forgetting - Mercury Mod RnB Soul 45 https://youtu.be/9UpwgBHssok


And now the 1980/s recently discovered recordings