Wendy and Howard Sammeroff July 2009

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Relation to : the tree line of Abrahan and Milly(Amelia) Cussin

Wendy's Great Grand parents were



and Millie (Amelia)

Grandparents were Jerry and Rena



Wendy is the daughter of Shirley and Gerald Shulman,.

Shirley was sister to Brian Coussin and Laura Valans

Wendy Sammeroff nee Shulman is the daughter of
Shirley Shulman nee Coussin daughter of Jerry(Judah)Coussins

Family Tree Family Tree is here

Wendy has two brothers, older brother  Richard and younger brother  Larry.


Jerry, Rina, Esther and Brian Coussin


Left to right: Gerald Shulman, Howard Sammeroff, Fay Pelosi (nee Cussin and wife to Johnny and sister to Judah) Larry Shulman


Gerry with his grandson Daniel and Son in Law Howard


Brian, Laura and Shirly

Left to Right, Leah Epple, Jerry Coussin, Fay Pelosi Husband Howard at back.

Leah and Fay were sisters to Jerry-See chart here














Wendy's Grandparents were Jerry and Rina Coussin

Aunt Fay and Uncle Johnny Pelosi at our wedding July 1983

Jerry and Rina grandparents at  Wendy's wedding July 1983


This is the earliest image that we have of Abraham and Milly Cussin and their family in 1899. The oldest child is Louis, then sitting is Thomas and the wee girl on the floor would be Leah aged 2. The picture was in the family album of Laura Valens, Abrahams granddaughter. After identification by Philip Morrison (Cussin) Feival established that it was Abraham and indeed there are clear facial resemblances in the family pictures we have. The only issue that I have is that the [picture of Milly, if this is Milly, is not the same in the size of chin.  Therefore would this be *Mina Stakol, the mother of the three children shown and did she die at some as yet unknown date and then Abraham married Milly?


 Abraham Coussins
b. 12/10/1869
  in Zagare, Lithuania  (Kovno) m.  *Mina (Stagel –probably Stakol)   d. Glasgow, Scotland

However we also have a record that Abraham married
Milly(Amelia) Moscovitch Murnik and that she was the mother of the following children.;
This will be cleared up at some point. My father Jack always wore her wedding ring which I passed on to my daughter Rebecca. Inside is inscribed Milly.



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