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The new website is under construction but here is the base from which we started

The Future Website

Building a new website: A few words from Craig

I decided that the old website is difficult and while full of features it can be difficult to navigate. I have commissioned the original designer to come up with an alternative site and one that is easy to navigate with trees that are easy to read and download. Unfortunately this will take time but hopefully will be completed by mid 2009. Meantime the site is still there and access to the pages should now be clear of restrictions.  adding photographs of family members at each stage and the sound bites and videos for each family member as we come into the latter part of the 20th century. Fortunately my father, Jack, was a cine photographer and he took films of most of his family to Louis and Leba (Rebecca) his parents to cousins and other relatives which is a blessing for their families as well. What we may find is that other family members took cine film , audio tape or videos as well as the century progressed and we can add these in.
Philip Morrison of the familywith some family pictures-

To summarise:

Yes its a lot of work but if someone does not do this when there are people like myself to bring this together then the information will once more be lost in the mists of time. Now that we have children and some have grandchildren , I felt that spending the time and money doing this for the good of the family was a worthwhile venture. I hope that I am not wrong and that the family will support the project by sending in photographs, information and links to what we are all about..
You can also confirm to Philip and myself that we are  doing the right thing by telling us as no input is depressing.
Louis Coussins family: Features  of the new site will be film of the family, recordings of their voices, including Grandma Rebecca-Leba and Pappa-Louis -Libish,  and Jack and Sarah. The early musical recordings of Raymond will also be on the site along with extracts from his later work.
"our family website is not to praise the ashes of the departed but to preserve their fire by illuminating our future"-CC

Bill Simpson aged 94 in 2009. Stranraer.

Here he is in June 2008 studying the Simpson Chart . He is the son of our Grandfather Johns  brother

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Ploughmen and Dairymen in 1875

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And this is a song and animated film about what happens when your family gets all mixed up no1hitinTassie.wmv (5044KB)

These are the page links for my mothers side of the family
Sadie Simpson was one of the most loved and famous Dance Teachers in the world

Simpsons Home Page Links

My mother was Sarah Ruth McClymont Simpson (Sadie Simpson)
Many good period images are here:  Simpsons Home Page  Family Tree 1  Family Tree 2  Family Tree McClymont  Slaven 
Tree showing birth of Grandmother Margaret
New photographs of Grandfather John Simpson page 2 of the Photos  The main tree chart
(this is the Simpsons tree from John Simpson back and forward from 19th Century)  Page 1 of the Photos
Bringing up to date family members that are helping me with the research This page contains the family from Hugh and Molly Kirkwood. Molly was my  mothers sister. Their children and grandchildren are here. Families of Ardrit, Fraser and Taylor

Margo Fraser and her grandson Gregory Ardrit December 2010 

This is a general link page for those wishing to progress further in their in their own line or into their spouses lines.

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This is a general link page for those wishing to progress further in their in their own line or into their spouses lines.

Government website for birth, death and marriage from 1855:  You can order certificates here for a fee.
Make sure that you have as much information as possible and a credit or debit card for payment,

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Ardrit, Fraser, Sarti, Taylor

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