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Ray Coussins -Singer, composer, conductor, arranger and player of great songs,
fabulous standards and music for lovers.

Styles of Music:

What the Press have said:

     No matter the type of music, Ray Coussins proves
himself to be an extraordinary pianist and singer-VARIETY

     His technique is so good that everything he plays
comes out special-SHOWTIME

 His own very extensive repertoire covers many different styles for standards to showcase numbers. Music for every occasion and situation. He can take a simple piece of music and turn it into a moment of joy. His ability to make an arrangement on the spot of pretty much any number is legendary and gives a great deal of pleasure to those fortunate to hear him play. Through his sheer musical abilities, Ray has been opener for many famous names in the world of music and entertainment  and has been musical Director for many performers and shows worldwide. His talents include Musical Direction , writing arrangements, Conductor, and accompanist.

In the past few years, he has worked mainly in Las Vegas in the famous venues of The Golden Nugget, Treasure Island and Paris Casino. He also worked in the Atrium Lounge at Foxwoods Casino, Connecticut, where, for 20 weeks, he broke all records for that venue.

Here is a crit of a recent Jazz festival featuring Roz Ryan accompanied by Ray Coussins taken from the Roz Ryan Website.






Nevada Jazz Orchestra with Roz Ryan

by Laura Taylor

Sunday afternoon, February 6, KUNV radio personality Don Gordon humorously told the sell-out audience that they must have been unaware of the hockey game they were missing to be present in such huge numbers; fifty people had to be turned away because the theatre was crammed to capacity. The Nevada Jazz Orchestra, with director Barry Ross, and singer Roz Ryan were worthy of the overwhelming turnout. In fact, there should have been a sign on the door of the Winchester Auditorium that read, "Hold on for dear life--this room is going to swing!"

 Ryan's long-time accompanist, Ray Coussins, took his place at the piano.

In true diva style, Miss Ryan made her entrance, beautifully coifed and dressed, exuding warmth and energy that was immediately infectious. Her first song, "The More I See You" (Mack Gordon/Harry Warren), began with a rubato interpretation of a lovely, seldom-heard verse, leading into a robust, swinging chorus. Her seasoned showmanship, Broadway experience and professionalism were immediately apparent, and her powerful delivery of the fine Barry Ross arrangement carried all to a jubilant response.

Ryan chose the haunting--and difficult--Billy Strayhorn composition, "Lush Life" for her second song. Her voice swelled with a cello-like resonance, underscoring the poignancy of the lyric, sensitively accompanied by Coussins. As the arrangement crescendo's towards the end, the music paused and Ryan held the audience spellbound in anticipation of the last beautiful chromatic phrase, "...of those whose lives are lonely, too."

Featuring the rhythm section on her next song, "All of Me" (Gerald Marks/Seymour Simons), Ryan demonstrated an uplifting, gospel-like quality, punctuated by a dazzling Ray Cousins piano solo. Rocking back and forth on the piano bench, Coussins demonstrated that he, too, is a true performer.

To close her set, Ryan chose a romping version of "I Just Found Out About Love" (Harold Adamson/Jimmy McHugh). Her unforgettable performance received an immediate standing ovation and her last tune might have been more aptly titled, "We Just Found Out About Roz, and We Like It, We Like It."

A vocalist familiar to Las Vegas jazz fans, Laura Taylor also sings on tour around the country and the world.


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